Audífonos Inalámbricos UA Heart Rate

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Audífonos Inalámbricos UA Heart Rate

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  • Estos audífonos inalámbricos a prueba de sudor ofrecen música energizante y seguimiento del ritmo cardíaco en su entrenamiento deportivo de resistencia, todo en tus oídos.
  • Con UA Record ™, ve el análisis del entrenamiento y analiza las tendencias de desempeño. Escucha las actualizaciones de la frecuencia cardíaca gracias a un sensor táctil.
  • Ideal para correr, ciclismo, remo, todo tipo de cardio y más.
  • UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate cuenta con el sonido legendario JBL Signature con el rendimiento de Pure Bass para darle la inspiración y motivación para entrenar fuerte.
  • Obten una suscripción gratuita de 12 meses a MapMyRun con la compra. Conéctate para establecer zonas de frecuencia cardíaca personalizadas, registra tu rendimiento y más.
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6 Evaluaciones

I 've had to replace these every two weeks.

I love these , they are freakin AMAZING ! The JBL components produce a sound quality you can't beat, yet aren't loud enough to drown out traffic, which is needed when either running or biking. The pair I currently have is working but the issues are beginning to happen. It starts with random feedback noise from the left speaker when no music is playing or on calls, then it will begin to state that the heart rate can't be found OR has been Found, then will continue to repeat that over & over, I shut it off, then turn them back on & they will work for a couple of days before they finally either stop working all together or continue repeating the afore mentioned phrases as soon as I turn them on. I've gotten so use to running with them I don't want to be without. Heck i don't even listen to music on them while working out,I use them for the data that syncs up beautifully with the apps. I am at the point where I may have another few days with the pair i 'm using right now, and wish I could end up with a pair that DOESN'T have to be replaced. UA these are wonderful concepts put in to useful reality, just have to polish & tweek up a little bit more!! I would be giving it 5 stars or more but it becomes a little bit frustrating having to regularly replace them ... I want this system to keep working more then a couple of weeks at a time! I love all things UA, but would do so more so If they kept functioning correctly!

My Honest Opinion

The Good: Will stay in your ear: just make sure you have the right size, Stylish, functional due to cord behind ear and neck The Bad: Even though I have Fireman's hearing the sound could be higher, some podcasts I have the volume all the way up, when I sweat the cord tends to drag along side my neck and I have to constantly pull back on the cord. The Ugly: Battery life is poor, 2 hours max, I have to charge after every use and that has gotten old, the heart rate monitor is not as accurate: I quit using it on a daily basis. Overal I like my headphone and if they make improvements to this unit it will be one of the best HS on the market.

Great Product

These were just what I was looking for. I work out 4 times a week 1/2 resistance 1/2 cardio. These earbuds stay in better than any of my other wireless earbuds. The advantage of monitoring my heart rate and therefore getting a good estimate on calories burned when sinced to UA Record is worth the price! I've been using them for 3 weeks now and the only quibble I have is that with the volume all the way up the heart rate updates are loud while my music is noticeably softer. I was hesitant to purchase these for the price but now that I have them I'm sorry I waited. I've seen a few reviews where people are having issues with the heart rate monitoring but from my limited experience with the right plug fitting it shouldn't be an issue.

Some noise

I use this headphones around one month. After about 30 min of using some noise coming up it start sound like radio with bad signal...

Wish they were better!

I received the white Bluetooth headphones for Christmas and I have to say I am unfortunately unsatisfied. I wish they were more comfortable and more.... 1. Comfort.- I wish they fit into my eat better. That large circular portion that fits into your ear fits nice when it's on your head all by itself, but it's winter time, and I am running with both the ski mask, and a UA hat on. Just the hat alone squeezes my earphones which makes them very uncomfortable. I didn't notice until looked into the mirror after my run, how red the inside of my ear was from the rubbing and tightness. 2. Clarity- I have an iPhone 6 and it connected with no issues and I was relieved. Once they were connected, I either hold my phone or I put it in a carrier on my shoulder. I have never had a Bluetooth headset skip so much. It skipped so much on me tonight that it turned itself off. Not once, but twice. I love Under Armour products, but I need these products to work 100% if I'm going to spend top dollar on them. It's hard to refer a product like this to a friend or family member when mine have not lived up to the standard I need them to. These will definitely be returned.

Get on eBay--not worth $200

Not a "swing and a miss," but not a home run, either. SOUND: Overall, these sound pretty good for gym headphones, although they do let in a significant amount of ambient sound, and the bass isn't the best. If sound is the most important thing, you could spend much less on some Photives, or something like that (around $60). COMFORT: I found them to be very lightweight and comfortable. I use the size 7 earpieces, although I may play around a bit with different sizes. With the earpieces and the ear hooks, they stayed in my ear very well during a treadmill run and a pretty intense full body workout. The cord is a tad short, putting the controls just behind my shoulders, but far from a deal breaker for me. BLUETOOTH/HR CONNECTION: No problems with connection to the phone-- paired quickly with my Galaxy S7 edge quickly, with no dropouts. HEART RATE MONITOR: CONNECTION: The headphones located my heart rate very quickly. But, for some reason, whenever I connected with UA Record, the HR monitor would disconnect every time I tried to go back to the "track workout" page. I didn't have this problem with MapMyRide, although it doesn't list the headphones as their own option--I pretty much had to search for it as if it was a "regular" HR monitor. Once I did that, though, it never stopped measuring my heart rate. BUT, there was an issue.... HR TRACKING: This is the biggest problem for me. So far, I'm finding the sensor has my heart rate jumping all over the place. This morning, they measured my HR at 69 bpm at the beginning of my treadmill workout. By minute 2, at a light jog, it skyrocketed to 156 bpm. When I boosted the speed, my HR actually went DOWN to about 138 bpm. I never have these wild fluctuations with the UA chest strap monitor. Granted, this could be an issue with my placement of the sensor in my ear, and I'll keep adjusting to see if maybe I need a better fit. But, for $200, I really don't think I should have to do that much work to get accurate HR data. In the end, These are a great start, but at $200, I wouldn't rush out to get them if price is an issue. There are cheaper headphones on the market with equal or better quality sound. As far as HR monitors, you may want to consider a chest strap, or a smartwatch with HR capability.