Bra de Impacto Alto Armour® Eclipse para Mujer

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Fitted
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Fitted
Bra de Impacto Alto Armour® Eclipse para Mujer

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Necesitas un bra que trabaje tan fuerte como lo haces tú. Pero también tiene que verse bien. Ahí es cuando Eclipse llega para cumplir estas funciones perfectamente.
  • Fitted: Pegado a la piel, pero sin apretar
  • Proporciona soporte etsratégico para actividades de alto impacto como running, deporte de cancha y campo y aeróbicos.
  • Revestimiento SpeedForm® de malla suave y super transpirable.
  • Frente limpio y de inspiración bandeau con copas suaves y transpirables para una mayor estructura y cobertura.
  • Parte posterior abierta con correas ajustables.
  • El tejido StudioLux® sujeta sin aflojar entregando una sensación super suave.
  • El sistema Signature Moisture Transport absorbe el sudor para mantenerte seca y ligera.
  • Nailon / Elastano
  • Guía de ajuste


  Busto (cm)
XS 71
S 76-81
M 86-91
L 91-97
XL 97-102
XXL 102-107


Medidas (cm) Tamaños de la banda
69 76
71 81
74 81
79 81
81 86
84 86
86 91
89 91
91 91
94 97
97 97
Guía de ajuste
  • Compression


    Corte ultra ajustado, de tipo segunda piel

  • Fitted


    Pegado a la piel, pero sin apretar

  • Loose


    Corte completo para una comodidad total

47 Evaluaciones

Stretches Out

I was so excited after reading the reviews for this bra.....unfortunately I was disappointed again in UA bra's. I wear a 38c and that's what I ordered. It's very very comfortable but after using the elliptical and then lifting weights it stretched out and was no longer supportive.....I could visibly see the "girls" begin to drop and bounce from lack of support. This is the 2nd UA bra I purchased and both do the same thing. Sports Bras with an underwire work much better.


Versatile, comfy and snug. Great for running. Love it!

Finally a sports bra that works!

This bra is my new all-time favorite!! This bra gives all the support and style that a sports bra should. I'm 5'3, weigh 125, and I run and play field hockey 6-7x a week. Normally I wear a 32D but for this bra I bought a 32C so it would fit a little tighter. The bra is designed perfectly...just enough fabric to cover everything and give support but not so much that it looked like you went up a cup size. The convertible straps are a bonus too. I would say that changing your bra before high school sports practice is more difficult when the straps are in racerback form, but no matter how the straps are the support and comfort are equal. Overall, I'm super happy about this bra and will be buying more in the near future!

GREAT bra, but requires assistance to put on with straps crossed.

This bra has great support. It is a little too padded for my taste, but truly, it's a great supportive bra for running! My only complaint is that I wish I had bought the front zipper style instead because I cannot get this bra on without help. I have to wear it with the straps crossed for them to stay on my shoulders & it's nearly impossible to get on with the straps this way. Minor complaint, but I grab my bras that are easier to slip on when I'm getting ready to run.

great sports bra with a couple of exceptions

The band on this bra is way too tight. I take a 36DD. I compared the band to the band on all my other bras & this sports bra is about a good inch or more shorter than all my other bras including other UA sports bras I own of the same size. The bra gapes a bit on the sides behind my underarms. So I ordered a 38D to see how it would fit. It also had a band that fit too tight & the cups were too big, so I returned the 38D & kept the 36DD. I really like the fit & comfort of the rest of the bra though. So I went to a sewing store and bought a bra extender that just hooks onto the hooks of the bra in order to make the band wider across the back & voila! It works. I have seen other people comment on the fact that the band is too tight as well. I rated it only 3 stars due to the tightness of the band.

Didn't quite live up to my expectations, but a good bra.

I ordered this bra in 38DD and 36DD based on the great reviews it gets, and while it fits well and provides good support (I still feel bouncy when running and doing high-impact exercises, more in the 38 than the 36), I find that I have to stop more than once and tighten the straps because they slip down from where I have them set when I put it on. This is a bit annoying when exercising, and is a problem with both bras. There is also buching at the side of my breasts unless I wear it criss-crossed in the back.


Looking for a new running bra. I like the mid version of this bra a lot for weightlifting, so wanted to give the high impact version a try for running, and it's just meh. I wear a 34C in regular bras so I got a 34C and 34B and just like other bras with molded cups, it just didn't fit me right. All of the material was very comfortable. I don't remember which size fit me better, but for one of them, the straps and around my rib cage fit great. It was very easy to get on and off without getting trapped. The molded cups just never work for me. They're too specific to one size and it doesn't work for sports bras.

Slightly small band size?

I ordered my usual size (32DD). The band size seems a little small. In a different Under Armour bra I own, I can use the middle hook, but this is tight on the last hook. I know the band needs to be tight to provide the proper support; however, I would like to have some flexibility - since I'm already on the last hook, I won't be able to adjust any larger, if necessary. I love that the straps shorten quite a lot. I wore this bra on a run this morning, and it was very comfortable. Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and would buy this again; however, I may exchange the second Eclipse sports bra I bought for a larger band size.

Good, Great!

The first UA bra I bought was the best, but this is a close 2nd as I could never find one As good and great as the first. Overall very comfortable and very supportive for these nursing breasts. Thank you UA!

The Straps Don't Stay Secure

Le sigh. I was so wanting this sport bra to work out (pun intended), but first of all, the straps are made to stretch a bit, which doesn't work well for a big, heavy bust. Second of all, once I'm wrenched in, the tightened straps loosen on their own throughout my workout - basically the opposite of what I would generally like to happen... May work better for a smaller bust, but I wouldn't count this as a high impact sport bra in the DD range.