Calcetines UA Resistor III No Show 6 pares

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: One Size Fits All
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: One Size Fits All
Calcetines UA Resistor III No Show 6 pares

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  • El acolchado estratégico protege las áreas de alto impacto del pie.
  • El sistema de distribución de humedad repele el sudor del cuerpo.
  • La tecnología antiolor ArmourBlock® evita la proliferación de las bacterias que causan el mal olor.
  • El soporte integrado para el arco reduce la fatiga del pie.
  • Seis pares de calcetines.
  • Poliéster/Lycra
19 Evaluaciones

Not perfect, but close enough for me

A few years ago I got two packs of the charged cotton socks, and I loved them. So I decided to give these a try. These are different, but still great socks. I like them, but it did take me a little while to adjust. Comfort - These are really comfortable socks. The interesting thing is, I didn't really think that at first. When I first tried them on, I thought I could feel the seam at the toe (I can't stand that with drives me crazy). I wore them for a little while though and became distracted when my feet started warming up. I continued to use them for a few days and the same thing happened; my feet started to sweat a few times as well. Surprisingly, this problem actually went away after a little while. They still might not be breathable enough for some, but I don't mind. So I give them a thumbs up in the comfort department. Fit/looks - These are fairly snug, at least compared to my other UA socks, but that's just different, not bad. I like the way they fit actually. And I love the design. It looks really cool with shoes, without shoes, or any other way you like to wear them (I think I about covered it). Anyway, as I said, great socks. They can be a bit stuffy, so if you dislike that then they might not be for you. But it might be something you get used to. They also can be a bit slick, so they might slip around in your shoes. But I'm happy to say, they aced the durability test. I've had them for at least 7 months and there are no holes. Pretty nice socks for the price.

Very comfortable

Nice, thick, comfortable socks. Would recommend for comfort. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

New and improved

Very comfortable, great fit ,looks good not sure on durability but they feel great [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great but doesn't last

As mentionned by many they are very breathable and well padded. I simply LOVE the socks, very comfortable for long runs (20-25K). The problem is that they really don't last long. After a few weeks I got 2 pairs out of 6 where holes appeared at the toes. No I don't keep my toe nails very long don't worry. So as for a runner beware because they don't survive long. It's a shame I would constantly run on these I swear but since they don't last I'll have to look elsewhere.

Size 12 dress show, 13 gym shoe

I ordered the XL Size and they just fit. If you have a size 13 or bigger, size XL may not work for you. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great Socks

Great Socks - Only type I have purchased of the years [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Best Socks!

These are the best socks ever! They are very comfortable and they are made to last.


There were 5 pair in the pack, and also they are slippery when running.

Weak spot on side of heel - holes with first wear!

Out of a 6 pack of these socks, 3 suffered holes where the grey heel meets the black upper on the first wear from simply pulling them on. I was very careful with the last pair, but still had a few threads break loose in the same spot. Super comfortable and great fit - but this defect has to be fixed, or the socks are junk.

Best socks I've ever had.

Great socks, light durable and comfortable! I'm a size 8.5-9 and the medium are perfect! A little thicker material than i expected for what they're made from but absolutely no complaints, I will definitely be ordering more, these are my new go to socks!