Guantes UA Resistor para Hombre

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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Adjustable
Guantes UA Resistor para Hombre

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  • Su construcción con ArmourMesh™ mantiene tus manos frescas y secas
  • La correa UA Power Strap te da soporte adicional en la muñeca
  • Las almohadillas en las palmas colocadas estratégicamente te dan protección extra y agarre
  • Las perforaciones en las manos permiten la transpiración
  • Panel de pulgar de tejido rizado para que te limpies el sudor
  • Piel/Nylon/Poliéster/Algodón
  • Lycra
  • Importado
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Mínimo Máximo

No duró nada

Compré estos guantes a principios de mens (septiembre 2017) y 3 semanas después de entrenamiento, el velcro de uno de ellos cedió y se despegó de guante.

Buen producto

Muy buen producto, con excelentes materiales a buen precio.

Uso guantes

Es bueno xumplw la funcion pero mi rexomendacion es qje tenga almoadillas en interior de los dedos

Let's lift

I love these gloves. The extra wrist support has been very helpful but not so bulky or restrictive that it gets in the way.

Small and Un Secure

Bought these gloves in an XL and they are horribly small. Once you start to sweat they are almost impossible to get off. The Velcro is so sub par, I wouldn't even go so far as to call it Velcro. The wrist straps barely go halfway around my wrist and the material has already torn from having to adjust and re adjust the straps. As soon as you start to lift and there is any type of movement, pressure, or contortion of the wrist the "Velcro" lets go. This is very, very, annoying mid workout. It's way too late to return these. Disappointed in this UA product for sure. I own multiple UA training products that are absolutely amazing. I am disappointed in this UA product for sure.

Worst workout gloves

I read the comments before receiving the gloves for Christmas 2 months ago. I don't put alot of stock into reviews as some just want to complain about anything. I have worked out for 20 years and have used many different gloves. All my workout gear is UA and I love the product. These gloves are not a good buy. The strap on the left has pulled away from the thin velcro. I have washed the gloves several times but my hands are still black after using them. My workout gloves usually last a full year and not less than 2 months. Do not buy these gloves. They wont last and you will be disappointed. UA should take these out of circulation and get a better quality product.

Torn velcro

I thought the gloves were great at first but I've only had them a few months and the Velcro is torn and I had to put tape to keep it close during a workout. I hadn't read the reviews before purchasing them.

Glove broke on the first use

The gloves velcro strap broke on its first use in the gym. The velcro strap came completely off and upon closer look it appeared only thinly glued on. I did not like that the glove didn't have a useful purpose of more than a single work out. I did not like that the velcro was only secured by a thin layer of glue which is bound to come off.

Very Poor Velcro

I've had these gloves for a few months and the velcro is already toast on them. Never stay on for more then a set and always have to re-adjust... Very annoying. Too late to return them so i guess I'm stuck with them.


the velcro is terrible. never stays. worked okay at 1st but now it will never stay. really messes up your work out. you have to stop an fix it everey set now its to late to send back