Polera de Manga Corta UA Charged Cotton Sportstyle para Hombre

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Loose
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Loose
Polera de Manga Corta UA Charged Cotton Sportstyle para Hombre

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Es la sensación del algodón que te agrada pero que es ajustada, absorbe el sudor y se seca rápidamente para mantenerte más fresco.
  • Actualizamos nuestra tecnología Charged Cotton® y sigue manteniendo la comodidad del algodón, pero se seca mucho más rápido
  • La fabricación de 4 vías de estiramiento permite una mayor movilidad en cualquier dirección
  • Sistema de transporte de humedad elimina el sudor y se seca más rapido
  • La tecnología anti-olor previene el crecimiento de microbios que causan olores
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232 Evaluaciones

Why Did You Change These Shirts?!

These were my favorite T-shirts but you've destroyed them. The new fabric is paper thin, uncomfortable and the fit is different. Just pure garbage at this point. Just bought six of them and, like an idiot, tossed the receipt before opening and wearing one. The other five will be going to goodwill. Shame.

Great shirt!

I agree with the people that are saying the sizing is inconsistent. I just bought four of the Charged Cotton shirts, and, while they weren't all the Sportstyle, they were all Larges. Two of them were a little big, one was perfect, and the other almost seemed a little small. Also, while I agree that the material is different than the old Charged Cotton, I actually think these are more comfortable than the older material. To each his own, I suppose.

There needs to be more consistency.

I would love to wear more UA shirts but my experience has been that the fit is too erratic to buy them without trying them on first, which is a PITA since I hate shopping. Because of their unpredictable fit I am reluctant to order online and am limited to the tiny selection at out local UA outlet store which generally only has one or two that I'd consider wearing, if they also happen to have it in my size. I really do not understand why this is because I've never experienced such a random fit with other clothing manufacturers.

Great brand

Im writing this review because I've been looking all over for the cotton fitted tshirts under armor used to make, i purchased a couple years ago and they've been looong lasting, i was very pleased but when i realized that i needed to buy more nobody could help me to find em i guess they stopped making em or can you tell where to get em? All i can find is loose cotton And i dont like the fabric of the other fitted ones. Thanks

what happened?

What happened to charged COTTON? These shirts are less than 60% cotton, as opposed to 95% in the good ones you used to make. PLEASE bring back the original comfortable, doesn't feel like a leisure suit Charged Cotton gear. Even if it is at a higher price point, it will sell.

Bring back the original!

I seriously do not understand. Who is doing your marketing? Read the reviews here as compared to old one's The original charged cotton tee was exceptional and you replaced it with this stuff. Time to find a product elsewhere.

3.5 Stars I don't think so.

Not sure how these new shirts are getting 3.5 stars with all the negative reviews. They do not fit and quality is not up to par with the older models. Black is not Black it is a Grey Color. I will be returning all Ten that I Purchased

Charged cotton tee

Excellent wash and wear quality, nice fit and comfort. I recommend this shirt! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

very comfortable t shirt

I really like this shirt and will be buying more of them, it is breathable and feels cool against my skin, I also like that it is very light weight. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

True to size

Great quality deff buy again. Runs true to size color combos are outstanding. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]