Sandalias UA Atlantic para hombre

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39 7.5 25.5
39.5 8 26
40 8.5 26.5
40.5 9 27
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42 10 28
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43 11 29
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44 12 30
45 12.5 30.5
46 13 31
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We bought these for my son before we took a trip to the beach, thinking he would also be able to use them this fall in college. He wore them once around the house, on one trip to the beach, on the second trip to the beach the bottom of the sandal separated from the top. He had not been hard on them, just worn them as you normally would. I expected better quality from Under Armour.

Pics are deceiving

I've ordered 2 pairs in black & graphite thinking I was getting black w/ a black strap. The pics are deceiving. the 360 view & the 1st pic the strap looks very black The 4th pic strap is for sure black. Admittingly now that I look close at the 2nd & 3rd they look grey but I didn't look at every pic before ordering. The frustarting part is I did a live chat with a rep before placing the 2nd order to verify the strap was black & was told it is. $16 (twice) isn't worth the hassle of returning. I'm just disappointed I've now ordered twice & I didn't get what it looks like I was getting on the site & what the rep told me I was getting

Comfortable but flimsy

Had them for a month and it's easily the most comfortable flip flop I had. The strap material is soft, flexible, and rounded so it didn't dig into the top of my feet. Bottom foam is soft and grippy, even on wet tile surfaces. Biggest complaint is the flimsy design. The strap is too thin and mine snapped when I tried to extract my foot from being partially buried under sand and water at the beach. UA need to either make the strap thicker or reinforce it inside.

Loved these sandals but broke easy

I love the comfort, style, and look of these shoes. I bought them for my husband and the first day they broke. So i thought he was just rough with them so i bought him another pair. Took 3 days to break and all he was doing was just walking. Bought him 1 last pair because he loved them and again the broke within a week. Will never buy another pair again

Worst Sandal Ever

Bought these for my son, they lasted less than a week. The middle strap broke off at the base on both shoes. I am yet to find Under Armour foot gear that is durable.


The straps on my left sandal snapped off on the day I got them.

Awesome Flip Flops

These flip flops are just awesome. They are very comfortable. They also look very stylish and sporty. Definitely recommended.

Broke after 2 days

Waste of cash. Buy the ones with a cloth strap. These things broke on me on day 2 of vacation. Pass on these.

Dune Sandals All Year Long

Purchased a couple of these in the Red Blue and White and Hyper Green Black and White. Love these sandals as they are not only super snagging but super comfortable. The thong doesn't chaffe me in between my big toes, the rubber is extremely movable and not a hard piece of plastic unlike most thong sandals causing chaffing. Padding is extremely comfortable offering all day wearing easiness. The color combinations are truly what make this sandal a must buy offering many unique combinations as well the standard black tone which I must get moving forward. Ivery worn them to concerts, baseball games, as a everyday around the house shoe, as well as to the gym, grocery stores etc. I always get complimentsome on my sandals and I'm always proud to say yes these are Under Armours. Great sandal offering comfortable and easy wearing, they wash easily, they look awesome and most importantly I like them for the multiple options available as they are the best sandal that I've worn to date and I've worn previous Under Armour sandals but these truly are the most appreciated in my opinion. #TheresONLYUA #BETHEBEST #I WILL #ProtectThisHouse #TheresOnlyUA

Seem like good quality and fit nicely

I sized up because it has been my experience that virtually every flip flop made by any manufacturer is too small if I pick my actual shoe size. Good call on these. Fit great but the size on the label is a full size larger than my shoes. The rubber in the straps feels like it will take a beating and is soft and comfortable. The top of the sole feels nice. Has some grip to it. The bottom, unfortunately, feels like the same strange rubber that many manufacturers are using. I gave up driving from store to store finding flip flops that have no grip on the bottom and decided to shop online. I have no idea what rubber chemist decided it would be a great idea to make flip flops with slippery rubber but for some reason all manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon. I suppose that this material was sold as a long lasting rubber. I would love to find exactly this same fit and quality in all other respects with a very sticky rubber sole so I can walk on wet slick surfaces and not worry that I will break a hip or smack my head on the floor. I swim at a pool and the locker room is tiled. This type of rubber has zero grip on wet slippery surfaces so I can not use them for what I thought I was buying them for. Good beach flip flops or blacktop or sidewalk but a definite slip and fall hazard on wet tile.