Zapatillas de Training UA Charged Legend para Hombre

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  • Empeine de jacquard ligero con capas de TPU en el talón y puntera para mayor soporte y resistencia.
  • Sistema reforzado de cordones entrelazados que aporta un cierre superior.
  • Estructura externa en talón mejora la estabilidad y la contención.
  • Plantilla externa de EVA para mayor comodidad en la planta del pie.
  • Media suela deslizable que actúa como una plantilla doble y proporciona un rendimiento excepcional.
  • La media suela Charged Cushioning® de todo el largo del pie proporciona lo último en amortiguación.
  • Paredes laterales de caucho moldeado que aumentan la durabilidad y ayudan al movimiento lateral.
  • Media suela de perfil bajo que proporciona un rendimiento, calce y sensación de primer nivel.
  • Suela con patrón microcircular diseñado para una tracción superior en todas las superficies.
  • Ranuras flexibles colocadas estratégicamente que ayudan a la movilidad natural del pie.
  • Compensación (Drop): 4 mm.
  • Peso: 310 gramos.
  • Importado
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38 7 25
39 7.5 25.5
39.5 8 26
40 8.5 26.5
40.5 9 27
41 9.5 27.5
42 10 28
42.5 10.5 28.5
43 11 29
43.5 11.5 29.5
44 12 30
45 12.5 30.5
46 13 31
10 Evaluaciones

Midsole is bad

Awesome shoe fits well but they really overlooked the midsole makes a lot of noise, imagine the throw away white foam coolers , put that in an awesome outer shell of a shoe and walk on that. Sorry ua love your shoes but now I have to go buy better midsoles after spending $120

Great Shoe...!

The look and materials are great. Comfort is great. Support is excellent. This is a great all purpose shoe! Please keep offering shoe in size 16.


My previous UA training shoes fit very snugly, which I grew to love. These, in the same size, are very loose. The length is probably okay, and the footbed fits nice around the arch, but the area around the toes is way too roomy for me. For weight training alone, they're fine, but as soon as I do anything requiring movement or stability, they're sliding all over the place. The laces can cinch them tight, but then the upper gets all puckered and looks stupid. On the materials, these shoes look great out of the box, but as you wear them, the stiff upper fabric quickly starts to hold creases, and this has caused some of the reinforcement layer on the toe edge to start peeling away. That began within a week and makes the shoes look like they're starting to come apart already. Love UA gear, but these haven't been the best.


I purchased these online. I did not see any options for width. The length was great but across the bottom of the laces were so tight it was cutting off circulation. I had to return them. I'm not sure if that is width or just the shoes. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great shoe

Very comfortable shoe for training, fits true to size [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Really solid lifting shoe

Like some other reviewers, I bought these for Crossfit, I and have used them for the past month. I'm a big fan. They run true to size (historically a problem for UA shoes), and they have a great, sturdy, stiff sole. There's very little drop - 4mm according to the Q&A, and it makes for a nice lifting base. Our program does a fair bit of running during nicer weather, and I don't love running in these shoes. As long as we aren't doing more than a mile at a time, I don't feel like I need to change my shoes, but at more than a mile, I prefer my runners. I'll also comment that the break-in on these shoes takes a while. I'm still only getting there. Be patient, and don't wear these for much other than your exercise program or occasional walking.

Great All Purpose Training Shoe

I purchased the Legend series with hopes of Under Armour finally creating a "crossfit style shoe" and my hopes have been met... mostly. I purchased a 12.5 according to the sizing tool and they fit exactly how I wanted them to, I feel like, for me at least, the size is exactly what it should be and the fit is spot on. I have had them for almost a month and used them for every workout minus trail running. I run SOFlete endurance program, Mountain Athlete's/ Military Athlete's Selection Training Guide, and the Seal Strength Program... All three incorporate olympic lifts, running, sprinting, HIIT, as well plyometrics... the legend series has been a perfect balance for all of the above. I have not ran outside of a mile in them yet, I default back to my trail running shoes for anything outside of 1 mile. However, I highly highly recommend these shoes for Under Armour fans looking for a great looking shoe that is functional across all dynamics of training.....UNLESS you have a high arch.. The only opportunity I can say for the shoes is the insole of the shoe. It is too flat for anyone with a medium to high arch. I do not have flat feet nor a high arch so they work fine for me... however, I can see them creating issues if you are used to having more arch support in your shoe. Durability- 5 stars up to this point Fit-5 stars if you use the sizing tool properly Performance- 5 stars Insole... Opportunity for future innovation Looks- people will ask how much they were and where they can get them

Great training shoes

They run a little big for me...felt like they were slipping off my foot unless I tied them super tight. Otherwise they work great. Look sweet too...old school look them. Just did 17.2 in them I am exchanging for a half size smaller, hopefully they fit right.

Kill my feet

I cannot even wear these shoes because of the pain it causes in my foot. I was so excited for a flat bottom shoe from UA to do wods in, looks like it is back to reeboks.

Great Training Shoe !!!

GREAT shoe for all types of training !! Well done Under Armour !! I train about 5-6x per week and I primarily do CrossFit. This shoe has tremendous stability for Olympic lifts and for squatting, as well as exceptional maneuverability for running and speed types of movements. I'm surprised Under Armour hasn't made more shoes training/CrossFit like this to compete with Nike's Metcon and Reebok's Nano. The Legend certainly give both a run for their money! The only reason I gave 4 and not 5 stars was that there are currently only 3 color schemes (none of what I'm crazy about). Also, in the next version, maybe ditch the heel loop. Looks better without it. Overall, great great shoe for training if you're looking for both stability and speed !!!