Zapatillas de Training UA Charged Push para Mujer

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Hechos para la deportista que realiza diferentes entrenamientos diariamente, esta zapatilla es todo lo que necesita en versatilidad. Comienza y termina cada entrenamiento con el ajuste perfecto y total comodidad.
  • Construcción de lengüeta similar a un calcetín para un ajuste preciso y elegante y una sensación cómoda
  • Correas dinámicas que envuelven el pie para mejorar el ajuste y el soporte durante el movimiento multidireccional
  • La envoltura delantera de caucho lateral proporciona tracción y estabilidad
  • Funda de corte, de cuerpo entero para mayor comodidad y ajuste personalizado
  • Charged Cushioning® ofrece lo último en amortiguación sensible
  • Secciones de entresuela para menos volumen y mayor flexibilidad
  • Las paredes laterales de goma moldeadas aumentan la durabilidad y apoyan el movimiento lateral
  • El patrón de tracción multidireccional en la suela proporciona versatilidad y agarre en todas las superficies
  • Secciones de goma estratégicamente colocadas bajo áreas de desgaste pesado de la suela para mayor durabilidad y tracción
  • Desplazamiento: 5 mm
  • Peso: 212 gramos
  • Importado
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33.5 5 22
34 5.5 22.5
35 6 23
35.5 6.5 23.5
36 7 24
37 7.5 24.5
37.5 8 25
38 8.5 25.5
39 9 26
39.5 9.5 26.5
40 10 27
40.5 10.5 27.5
41 11 28
14 Evaluaciones

So glad I found these!

These are the first sneakers I've bought from Under Armour after a friend told me to look at them. I was a little concerned over reviews saying it fit tight and was painful so I tried them on in a store first. I went up a half size and I had no problems. They were all out of the size/color I wanted so I bought them online. I'm using them for all my gym workouts and classes and have gotten lots of compliments! They're super cute with capri leggings.

Good Cross training shoe

If I'm being honest, this shoe is not a bad shoe to workout in. It does have just the right amount of stiffness if you are going to be in need of foot/ankle support for any intense cross training workout. However, it is not that comfortable, especially to run in. And I'm not a fan of the shoes aesthetics.

Didn't initially like, but after 1 workout, LOVED

I was looking for a good pair of shoes for lifting. At first I was apprehensive about these based on previous reviews. And when I first tried them on, I was uncertain how the stiff tongue would work with deep squats and lunges. I really didn't want the tongue digging into my ankle and being uncomfortable while lifting. So I wore them for a workout - prepared to change if I didn't like them... I didn't have to change my shoes. Even though the tongue was stiff, it did not chaff, rub, or in any way bother me during by heavy lifting yesterday (140lb hex bar squats). I like the burrito style tongue, and it did not move or bother me at all during my workout. I think next time I may pull the toe box laces a little tighter, but I don't want to cut off circulation. They definitely run a little longer than my other UA size 9 shoes, but it seems to work when doing standing broad jumps. My toes no longer jammed against the front of the shoe when landing. Hopefully these will last me a good long while.


Saw these shoes online and knew I instantly wanted them. I "personally" am tired of the bright colors, so I was happy to see a not so flashy shoe. When putting them on, I knew they weren't going to work. The tongue is so long, and the side lace-up, is a challenge for me. Difficult to put on. I wore them around the house for no more than 10 minutes and I knew they had to come off. I have sciatic nerve issues that run into my foot, I don't know if the tightness of the tongue was heightening the pressure and causing additional pain. The innersole is not comfortable at all...stiff and not giving as in my other AU shoes. If you can handle pain and want to go for looks...then this is your shoe. If you need comfort during a work-out...NOT YOUR SHOE.

Good for cross training

Comfortable, supportive shoe for cross training. Running, squats, lunges, plyometrics. I workout six days a week and they have held up great. The shoe is true to size and have not stretched very much. My first time with UA shoes and I will definitely try them again. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


Fits true to size and I use them to run, walk, and workout.


These shoes fit wonderfully & true from the start!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Very comfortable...

Great fit, comfortable shoe for cardio class or for walking or running. Lot of support and cushion for cardio classes. Excellent buy. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

I like these!

Maybe I have a narrow foot, but I did not find the tongue uncomfortable as the other reviews stated, I honestly didn't even notice it. I really like these shoes for outdoor HIIT work & jumping, the cushion & support is excellent. I do not use them in the gym, I prefer more low profile shoes for the gym, like UA Studio Luxe, but that's just me. :)

A work in progress

I bought these for lifting at the gym, I will admit - they took more than a few times of wear to break them in, but now that they are I love them! They provide enough support and stability for my heavier lift days. Not the most comfortable but I was looking for something flat and this fits the bill!