Zapatos de Futbol UA Clutchfit Force 3.0 FG para Hombre

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Regular
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  • Construido para el jugador versátil que fija el tempo y confía en el tacto, la visión y el movimiento
  • Microfibra Trivela en la parte superior de alto rendimiento envuelve su pie como una segunda piel
  • El ajuste mejorado en el medio y el tobillo permite que la capa externa de ClutchFit® mejore el tacto en cualquier condición
  • Material antideslizante en el talón permite una máxima tracción y ajuste
  • La base acolchada de amortiguación absorbe el impacto y lo convierte en rapidez de respuesta
  • La innovadora placa de estoperones trabaja en armonía con los movimientos naturales del pie
  • Cuerpo interno construido con BZM que proporciona un soporte rígido para ayudar a la desaceleración más rápida, mientras que la flexibilidad del antepié permite una aceleración más rápida
  • Peso: 215 grs.
  • Importado
3 Evaluaciones

ClutchFit Review

When I first pulled these out of the box, I was really excited. Although in years past I've felt that Under Armor has been behind in the soccer department, I truly feel they have stepped up their game. With the shoe looking incredibly clean and well put together, I was excited to put these to the test on the field. As I had them over a month period, I used them regularly and experienced blisters almost immediately (common in most, if not all soccer shoes). However, for myself, I continued to receive blisters largely because of a unique rubbing element of the back of the heel. I expected this to fade away however it continued to the point of myself having to go into my local store to exchange as I would end up limping during play. I definitely would have kept these if not for the rubbing element. Ultimately, my main goal of this review is to let potential buyers know of this hiccup within this magnificent shoe.

Extremely Impressed

Bought them in white, and the break-in period/blistering was about the same as any other brand's low cut cleats I've purchased in the past. If you're getting the white, make sure to only play with them on turf, unless you dont care about staining. As far as performance, the shoe wraps around perfectly to my foot, fits true to size, and was decently light. 5/5 without a doubt, the best soccer product UA has released to date.

This is the shoe that will make you switch from the other big name brands in soccer.

Tried these on in the store and fell in love with them instantly. They are super-comfortable and mold precisely to the shape of my feet. I've trained in them for approximately 10 hours and my touch on the ball has never felt so good. The only downside in breaking them in were the blisters on both Achilles tendons. I am so happy I chose these cleats - my first pair of UnderArmour soccer boots.