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UA Sport Wireless

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  • La tecnología Bluetooth de fácil conexión permite el funcionamiento sin cables y sin distracciones
  • Crea tus ajustes personalizados y óptimos con 3 tamaños de eartips y 5 tamaños de adaptadores de ajuste
  • Se puede usar tanto en el frente como detrás del cuello -para obtener la mejor calidad de sonido y acceso al micrófono, usar en la parte delantera
  • Incluye un bolso con cierre, cable de carga, 5 pares de adaptadores para el oído, tamaño S, M, & L
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14 Evaluaciones

Best Headphones for Workouts

I'm usually a Bose guy, but I decided to give these a try based on some of the reviews, and am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The quality isn't Bose, but they can handle tons of sweat without falling out, come with different inserts to make sure they fit perfectly in your ear. Awesome product and collaboration between JBL and UA.

Great Headphones

I have never had wireless headphones before, but I really love these. They come with interchangeable ear fittings which are great for me because I usually have trouble finding snug fitting in ear earbuds. They stay in without issue during difficult cardio or while lifting weights. Sound quality is good and the control is very simple to use. I would highly recommend. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great Sound Performance

The different ear piece sizes are great to have. I was able to find my perfect fit instead of just a universal size. Sound performance is great and I don't need to have the volume high in order to gain the motivation I need through some of my workouts. Would definitely recommend. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

functional and stylish earphone

I bought the earphone for working out at gym. It is very solid(unlike others which could be broken due to some big move) all in all I like it and I would recommend it! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Amazing sound

The sound quality is really amazing and the bass is excellent. I watched a few videos on these before buying and they said the bass was not so good. But the only reason I could see them saying that is if they did not have them in their ear properly. If you just kind of sit them in your ear obviously the bass is not going to be the full effect. Just make sure they are seated in your ear properly and you will get amazing sound. I did have a little trouble at first selecting the correct size ear piece. I went with the smallest on both options and they dont feel bad but after long periods of wear time they will begin to hurt. Overall I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend these to any avid runner or sports enthusiast. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Mini headset

The quality is good. I hope it will last longer. I will recommend a friend to buy it [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Easy to use and durable

Drowns out external noise and stays out of your way when you are engaging in intense activity [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Just amazing, get them.

For me, they are perfect. Fits really good and I love that they are not loose like alot of other earphones that fall out easy during training. The sound is truly amazing, perfect balance between bass and treble and cancels out noise really good to. Highly recommend these to anyone.

Amazing headphones

I bought these a little over a week ago I'm so far more than pleased With these headphones. They lock in my ear, don't fall out and they don't have those silly irritating over the ear hooks that I can't stand. Sound quality is awesome. The only "complaint" is the soft sell case it comes with, other than that they are awesome and worth the investment!!

4 out of 5 stars. Good but not great

These come SO close to being perfect. My review is based on 2 weeks of use under various conditions in the gym and in the real world. Total use is 10 workouts, to date. If they stop working or performance degrades, I'll update the review. Fit- Right out of the box, the standard fit parts worked the best for me. I tried the smaller tips to see if they nested better but I went back to the medium size after one workout. They don't FEEL like they fit tightly but they never moved. I went on 3 different runs (1.2 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles) and they never felt tight so out of habit I kept trying to push them into my ears or to readjust them. The fit was solid but not tight (I am used to having to cram headphones in my ears to make them stay in place) so for these to fit without having to be jammed in my ears was weird- but welcome. On my long run I never once had to adjust them because they stayed in place the whole time. In the gym I do a wide array of strength activities with "circuit training"-type exercises in between. Abs, jumping jacks, bodyweight squats, pullups, etc. Even when doing jumping and explosive movements, these stayed in place. My last BT headphones had a control fob that was too heavy and pulled the headphones down on the right side (the side with the dangling fob) but the fob on these are light enough to not cause that issue. Same as above, I habitually "check" the fit but they never need adjustment. If you buy them the next part will make more sense, and it explains why I constantly "check" the fit/orientation when they are in my ears: The ear tip is oblong, not round. In conjunction with the outer molded portion, the tip has to be in proper orientation to "lock" in place. If you look at the outer section and the tip, both have a groove that aligns with a mark on the main part of the earbud. For me, this orientation mark is about 10-15* off of optimal, meaning while the alignment is very good and it holds them in place, I would like to have the tip rotated slightly. This is not possible, however, due to the groove and the orientation mark. If there was any margin for adjustment this would be PERFECT. The other way to avoid the orientation issue would be a round ear tip. Take note, JBL/UA. Sound- Not bad but not perfect, either. Good midrange and solid highs without tinny treble. Bass and midbass is slightly lacking, but the EQ function on my device was able to make them sound better than they did right out of the box. Still not the best sound but more than acceptable. A little more bass would be nice. Max volume level is more than loud enough to cause discomfort but you never need to get that far in normal conditions, and the sound is clear with no audible distortion at moderate listening levels. Controls- Controls are good but again, not perfect. Press-to-increase/decrease volume and Forward/Rewind track are the same buttons. You tap to control volume and hold to skip tracks. Not a problem in the gym but somewhat cumbersome when running. Would actually be better if the function was reversed- I am more likely to want to control tracks while running than I am to need to fiddle with the volume (which is more if a set-it-and-forget-it function). Overall- Very good headphones. Comfortable and sound good and stay in place.