Balón de Basketball UA 495

Estilo # 1233708
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    • Color: Orange (860)
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Balón UA 495 para interiores/exteriores


  • El exclusivo compuesto de microfibra UA GRIPSKIN de Under Armour permite un fuerte agarre sobre la pelota
  • Sus canales profundos permiten encontrar las costuras más rápido para una mejor sensación de la marcación de tus movimientos
  • Granulado en todo la pelota, porque UA no escatima en gastos
  • Filamentos de nylon al 1% le dan durabilidad y rebote
  • Bolsa de aire de 1% de butilo provee una tensión de aire ideal de manera que la pelota conserva su forma esférica y justa durante todo el juego.
  • Diseñada para uso en interior y exterior.
  • Disponible en talla 7 (competencia masculina estándar).
11 Evaluaciones

Great ball for kids

I coach a 6th grade basketball team and this ball is perfect for them before they set up to the 29.5 size. Excellent to practice with and for games. Great material, durable and feels good on the hands.

Good indoor, not so good outdoor

I bought this ball to play outdoors. It had great grip at first, but as soon as it gets dusty it looses it grip.

Looks good

I've had dozens of indoor outdoor spheres and the only reason I gave it 4 stars is that I haven't worked with it yet. I would buy another right now though as the cover seems to be durable.

Disappointed - It needs air

This was a gift for my kids who are basketball fanatics! I ordered 2 balls and both arrived a bit flat. I don't know how to put air in them so the balls will sit in the corner of the garage until my husband gets around to it. Disappointed!!

Great ball!

Excellent ball, great bounce, truly under armour all the way!

luv em

I bought one recently and I liked it. Also I coach a youth team and the kids loved it so I went out and bought 10 more for my team.b


i love this ball great for the price used it many times outside and still hasnt lost grip

Great Value, High Quality B-Ball

The title pretty much says it all. I was slightly skeptical about how it would handle on the various terrains I play on, but this ball handled like a beauty. After being used on all sorts of playing surfaces from rough asphalt to brand new, redone waxed indoor basketball courts, the ball bounced properly given the right inflation, felt great on the hands during physical sweaty play, and still has wonderful grip. I'm not sure how much more rigorous testing I could have performed, and for the amount I paid, this ball could have easily been sold for more given the longevity and value of the ball. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who play at all outside, even once while mainly playing indoors.

Undeniable Advantage Grip

I have small hands and have always had trouble gripping a full size basketball well those days are over. A friend of mine bought this for me for christmas and i just love it, in fact i loved it so much that I purchased the 695 basketball as well.


Great ball love it awesome grip worth your moneys worth buy it