Boxerjock® ArmourVent® Series 15 cm (6") para Hombre

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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Fitted
Boxerjock® ArmourVent® Series 15 cm (6") para Hombre

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Los hombres no suelen andar alardeando sobre su ropa interior ... pero hay excepciones. Entre la cintura libre de roce, sin costura y la tela increíblemente ligera y transpirable, te sentirás como si no estuvieses usando nada, pero aún obtienes el apoyo y la comodidad que necesitas.
  • Fitted: Pegado a la piel, pero sin apretar
  • Tejido de malla micro-tejido es ultra-durable y ofrece una ventilación total
  • El material absorbe el sudor y se seca muy rápido
  • La tecnología anti-olor previene el crecimiento de microbios que causan olores
  • Cinturón de rendimiento
  • Frente articulado
  • Largo desde la entrepierna: 15 cm (6")
  • Importado
30 Evaluaciones

Truly Great Performance Boxerjock

As a rule, I try not to wax too eloquently about performance boxerjocks, but these are truly excellent. I run and lift with these, and would get more pairs hands down next time I shop

The One to rule them all...

As you can see from the collection of boxers in the picture I've been wearing UA boxers for a LONG time. This ArmourVent boxer in the lower left, is the ONLY one that rivals the original in the upper left (yes, so good, it's still performing after all these years). UA, you've finally done it and advanced the original awesomeness. The waistband is strong and doesn't roll over, the support is great for the "boys" and you barely even know you're wearing them at all.

Boxer - yeah; jock - not even close

If you're buying these because you like the freedom of the old cotton boxers, you're going to love these - as others have said, they're like wearing nothing. Unfortunately, the same ("they're like wearing nothing") comment applies when it comes to the "jock" part of their name. If you like ANY support - I mean at all - you're going to hate these and replace them as soon as you I did. In their advertising, I would have loved to know that it is a very light fabric (a fantastic feature), but with that, the word "jock" is just marketing hyperbole. There is absolute zero support in this undergarment. So - to me - it fails at least 50% of it's important function. I'm fantastically disappointed to have purchased 6 pair of these.

Could be the best

These could be the best but fell short. I love the material and how they feel but I’m constantly pulling them up as if they are sliding down. I agree with the other that say the waist band is a huge design flaw and needs to be redesigned. I do really like them because they feel great. The price is a bit high as well.

Nice pair...until you get to the waistband

Like another reviewer said, fabric feels good, and the material has a nice stretch/retention action going on, but then we get to the waistband. Epic FAIL. If it’s elastic, then it’s foreign to me because I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Perhaps there’s a reason no other clothing manufacturers using it; because it fails to do what we need it to do. Stretch when I need it, then return to it’s smaller diameter. Not with these. They don’t stretch really, the gradually loosen over time. If you’ve had a cheap pair of cotton boxer/briefs where the leg opening was nice and snug when you put them on, it by the end of the day you could easily fit both legs into one opening, then you have an understanding of this problem. Too bad I bought 5 pair of these and realized their design failure too late. Hope you are able to benefit from my wasted money.

Terrible Waistband

The material feels good but the waistband is an absolute fail. It sort of stretches but it doesn't. It'll stretch out, but won't bounce back and feels very oddly attached to the rest of the boxerjock. The most awkward pair of underwear of tried from UA. It's unfortunate because the material itself is very nice, but the waistband keeps this pair of underwear on the bottom of my pile. It's a shame I threw away the packaging, really wishing I could return this pair, but oh well, lessons learned.

The Best I've Found

I still haven't found a perfect pair of men's underwear but this is the closest I've come across. I agree with others that the waist band stretches a bit. They fit perfect straight out of the dryer but loosen up a little but no worse than anything I've had before. Material is great and breathable and the pouch is good but could stand to be a little larger to snug up around the boys for less sticking to the legs. I have large thighs and I've never found underwear that don't ride up but these are decent.If you're not an athletic build they may not be for you just based on the way they seem to fit.

Great Boxers

Was drawn in by the description and these are great boxers! UA really has hit it right with respect to how light and breathable these boxers are to wear - perfect. Got to admit they are not quite the same as commando but really close! The fit is perfect although as others have noted with no fly the waist band does stretch a bit but does return to normal fairly quickly. They are somewhat expensive but well worth the dollars!!

Not For Me

I wear the IsoChill. They are pretty darn good. These, not so much. First off, GREAT MATERIAL for the FEEL of the underwear. But that is all. Feel great on the skin, but too loose (saggy) with no support. Ride up on the legs like nobody's business, and the waistband, UGHH. Where do I begin. It is super weird. Doesn't stretch, but yet stretches out and rolls over. Very strange pair of underwear.... they are going back for a refund. Sorry

Like wearing nothing at all

Ive been wearing under armour for many years now. But i must say these particular models are by far the best brief they have designed. Super lightweight and literally feels like there is nothing there. as a firefighter and medic im constantly on the move and these hold up extremely well!!