Boxerjock® UA Original Series 15 cm (6") para Hombre

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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Fitted
Boxerjock® UA Original Series 15 cm (6") para Hombre

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Pregúntale a cualquiera que los haya usado, nada le gana a la ropa interior de UA. La serie original de boxer se ajusta, se queda en su lugar, absorbe la humedad y te mantiene fresco.
  • Fitted: Pegado a la piel, pero sin apretar
  • Tela HeatGear® ligera y suave con panel de malla articulado.
  • Manufactura elástica en 4 direcciones que te ofrece una libertad de movimiento mayor en todas direcciones.
  • Sistema de distribución de humedad (Moisture Transport System) que absorbe el sudor y se seca rápidamente.
  • Tecnología anti-olores evita la proliferación de microbios que causan el mal olor.
  • Pretina de gran rendimiento.
  • Cierre funcional.
  • Largo desde la entrepierna: 15 cm (6").
  • Importado

Tecnología Destacada

Esto es lo que hace que nuestros productos sean más fuertes e inteligentes que cualquier otro.


La innovación original que nuestro fundador soñó mientras sudaba bajo el sol del verano. Esta tela súper transpirable que absorbe el sudor y regula la temperatura de tu cuerpo para que te sientas más fresco, más seco y más ligero que nunca.

156 Evaluaciones

Please bring back the old fabric

I've tried a few different UA boxer jocks, but none compare to the old original mesh fabric for comfort and performance. Newer models also tend to run way too tight making it confusing to select the right size. I've finally given up on UA underwear. Bring back the good stuff that so many people posting here loved. Until then, I'll have to find my underwear elsewhere.

Men's UA Original 6" BoxerJock

Awesome product! Would recommend to anyone seeking true comfort and breathability

Grey are smaller than Black

I have a pair of black boxer jocks in size large and they are amazing. I ordered a large grey pair and they are far too small.

Sizes have changed

Be careful when purchasing these. The sizes for medium I feel like used to be approximately 32-34 and now is 30-32. The large size is 34-36. So if you wear jeans or other slacks at size 33 the medium will be extremely tight and the large is pretty loose. Will return unworn pairs and not purchase again until they go back to original sizing.

Waist band issue

I have been purchasing UA 6 inch boxer briefs for years. It's literally the ONLY underwear I wear. Recently a few pairs have been just worn out with age so I decided to buy a few new pairs to replace my old ones. I was excited to replace my old pairs only to find out that under Armour completely changed there waist band. All day im pulling up my underwear which honestly I shouldn't have to do. Under Armour please go back to the old waist bands, at this point I would even spend a few more dollars to get the waist band that I know and love back. You don't understand how extremely annoying this issue is and honestly I will have to switch brands if the problem is not resolved.

Couldn't be happier!

So I've been using UA boxer jocks since the beginning and these are the best yet! Agreed that the waist is not as snug as previous versions but I'm pretty sure that was intentional. By no means are these loose, more like a relaxed feeling at the waist. Best part is they don't ride up at all, just hours of comfort and coolness (both temperature wise and looks) Run don't walk to get these, you'll be happy you did. Great job as always UA!

The quality has dipped

Im just simply writing this so under armour knows how the quality has dipped. My main issue with these new boxer jocks is the waistband is a lot weaker then the previous ones I bought in 2013. Every time I squat or bend over, these things ride down and expose my crack. Seems like lots of people have noticed this new problem. I noticed under armour released a "new" set of original boxer jocks recently so I'm curious if they've fixed their mistakes. It's a shame if they have not

UA Original 6' Boxer jock - You'll never leave!

I have been buying the UA Original 6' Boxer Jock for almost ten years. Needless to say, I don't see myself ever switching to another brand anytime soon. Pros: - Very light weight. - Breathable; you'll never have "swamp butt" again. - Very firm elastic waist that hasn't stretched out (previous models did). - 6" legs are perfect for me (I'm 5'4" and the 3" were way too short) Cons: - The firm elastic waist may seem too firm/tight for some. Give it time, it may loosen up a little for you. - 6" legs do tend to creep when working out (squats or leg work). Some creep is expected and I am a bit OCD with making sure the legs are always all the way down. This isn't an issue for normal everyday use. I only notice when i wear shorts and have access to pull them down. Overall, this is the product that got me hooked on UA gear. Try out a pair, you won't be disappointed!

Could be better

These would be great if it wasn't for the looser fabric in the crotch which makes for a visible crotch bulge when i'm wearing my workout shorts.

Loose Waist Tight Legs

They fit very loose around the waist and tight around your legs. I have a 32" waist and I got a size medium and they don't fit properly. The many previous pairs I have had fit great, but Under Armor keeps making these fit looser and looser in the waist and tighter around the legs. This seems counter intuitive for an athletic company. Only buy these if you have a large waist with skinny legs. I'm done buying boxer jocks from UA.