Guantes de fútbol UA Desafio Pro

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Guantes de fútbol UA Desafio Pro
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Guantes de fútbol UA Desafio Pro


  • El diseño de palma plana maximiza el área de superficie para permitir mayor contacto con la pelota
  • La palma de espuma de contacto de alto rendimiento de 3 mm proporciona protección en las manos y agarre en todas las condiciones climáticas
  • Los soportes internos para dedos ArmourSpineT™ proporcionan una estabilidad mejorada que bloquea los golpes
  • La manga extendida hacia la muñeca ClutchFit® se acomoda en la muñeca para brindar un ajuste cómodo y firme
  • Sistema especial de correas para proporcionar soporte en el pulgar y la muñeca
  • Caucho natural/Poliéster/Nailon/EVA/PoliuretanoImportado

Resumen De Opinión

4 Evaluaciones

Great glove

These gloves run small, consider getting these gloves one size larger. I use size 8, I had to go for size 9. Confort: Fingersaves are not intrusive at all, but provide enough protection. The gloves are light weight. Performance: the grip on dry weather is really good 9/10, I haven't try these gloves in wet weather. Durability: Great grip but fair durability. If you only use these gloves for all your games, they won't last you, better have good technique when diving. Overall: This is a great buy for your money. 8.5/10

poor quality

i have a pair of these, i only used them 5 or 6 times, the wristband is really narrow, its very difficult to put the second glove wearing the glove in the other hand, goalies know what i mean. i would recommend not to buy them, in my 5th time wearing these look what happened, they weren´t even dry, i really take care of my gloves, they are dirty in the photo because i was starting training when this happened, i had to used them like that. im very dissapointed because i like UA stuff, but these are very expensive for such bad quality ive been using gloves for almost 20 years, and it never happened before with any brand.

Learn the sport

I order both the high end and mid range glove. They advertise armour spines which neither have. Both have been returned as they are just padded mittens at this point. Someone needs to learn what a finger spine is and design it into the glove. Save your money.

Order Larger

I sized out for the top of size 9 so I ordered the 10. The 10 was still too small, so much so that it was cutting off circulation. I'm going to reorder and try the 11. It's not a bad thing, but just a thing so I can't rate it till I play it. Had to do 3 stars to post. Cheers.