Guantes UA Around Town para Mujer

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Fitted
Guantes UA Around Town para Mujer
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Fitted
Guantes UA Around Town para Mujer


  • Fitted: Pegado a la piel, pero sin apretar
  • Tejido suave proporciona mayor comodidad y un rendimiento liviano.
  • Guantes sin dedos con manopla opcional.
  • Suave forro polar para el calor adicional y comodidad.
  • Botón con logo UA asegura manopla hacia abajo en su lugar.
  • Acrílico/Poliéster/Elastano

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Esta es la capa en la que todo atleta confía cuando el termómetro baja. ColdGear® elimina la necesidad de usar equipos pesados y voluminosos durante el clima frío.

9 Evaluaciones

Great gloves

I love these gloves. My hands stayed warm but I still had the option to use my finger . [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Perfect for City life

These are perfect for those that walk a lot or commute in a city. Easy to flip the fingers/mitten piece back to respond to a text and then put back on quickly when it's cold. Good supplement to the "around town" ones for those really cold days that are hopefully behind us. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Very Poorly Constructed

I bought these gloves on 1/8/17 because I work outdoors and I desperately needed something warm as the temperatures were going to drop below 10 degrees. I liked these though I would've preferred a fingerless glove instead of just open fingers. They were incredibly warm and soft, and though were a little big (I bought a size small), my hands are unusually small for an adult so I'm used to settling for slightly large gloves. Fast forward to this morning (1/9/17). I got to work at 8am, got everything organized and ready to go, put on my new toasty warm gloves, and processed one car (I work at dealerships to inventory their latest shipments), looked down and the right thumb tip had completely unraveled. It was 9:30am. Having no other choice, it was 8 degrees and I had nothing else to cover my hands, I continued to work and tried my best to keep it intact, but by the end of the day the tip of my thumb was entirely bare. I am so very upset and unhappy with the quality that a huge corporation such as Under Amour would sell such a poorly constructed product. I'm still deciding on what I should do about it, they're the only thermal convertible mittens I could find in a store and I need that type of glove badly. I'm considering trying to tie off the thumb and just deal with it instead of returning them, I really can't afford not to have my hands covered. :(

LOVE these gloves

I run a lot and have finally found the gloves that keep my hands warm (sometimes hot) no matter the temp. outside. Good quality and after many washes, are holding up very well. I have two pair and will be buying a 3rd and 4th. My only recommendation would be to have a snap instead of a button...I normally don't button the mitten if I remove it from my fingers during a run.

Worse gloves

I bought them 10/22/16 and they ripped down the thumb the same night!! I wasn't doing anything strenuous and they didn't get snagged on anything. Now I have to drive an hour back to the closest Under Armour store. Thanks so much UA for the inconvenience of time and a terrible product.Also every time I go to submit it bumps the performance up to max.

Not what I expected...

I ordered these to go with the matching beanie. I have only worn them maybe a couple of times and the button on the top of one has come off, and the yarn is coming unraveled causing a hole at the base of the thumb on the palm side.

falling apart

I bought these around Christmas... have worn them only a few times and the yarn is starting to come undone!


I was so excited about these gloves but so disappointed after a week of having them. They began falling apart immediately. The seems were coming a part right away and they look poorly made. I have never had this experience with anything from UA before which is why I was so surprised to receive such a poorly made product.

Ripped after first day

These looked so warm and comfortable and they were for an hour. When I took them off the side seams were ripped at the top by the hand opening and have continued to get worse. Because they are knitted I cannot fix them with traditional thread and needle. Disappointed!!!