Legging UA Hi-Rise Luminous para mujer

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Fitted
Legging UA Hi-Rise Luminous para mujer
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Fitted
Legging UA Hi-Rise Luminous para mujer


  • Fitted: Pegado a la piel, pero sin apretar
  • El tejido StudioLux® de UA proporciona una sujeción constante con un tacto de lujo y de suavidad extrema.
  • El sistema de distribución de humedad patentado absorbe el sudor proporcionando una sensación de sequedad y ligereza.
  • El tejido ligero y elástico multidireccional mejora la movilidad y conserva su forma.
  • Pretina elástica alta con costuras de malla para una cobertura y transpirabilidad constantes.
  • Ubicación avanzada de las costuras para eliminar los puntos de presión.
  • Refuerzo antimicrobiano que se ajusta a la perfección sin apretar.
  • Bolsillo de diseño trasero de solapa en la pretina.
  • Entrepierna 73,5 cm.
  • El estampado integral luminoso atrae la luz para obtener una mayor visibilidad.
  • Polyester/Elastane
  • Imported
8 Evaluaciones

Great leggings for many activities

I wear these for many more activities than planned, just because they fit so well and are so comfortable. I LOVE the high waistline. I've really tired of leggings that sit at the hip. Those are too low cut to be practical when in motion. These leggings stay up whether I'm running, bicycling, hiking, sailing or ? I only wish they had a small pocket. For those who complain about the leggings not glowing - get a black light (UV light). They glow under black lights in the spin studio.

Fantastic Leggings

The Luminous Leggings are absolutely wonderful. The StudioLux fabric is substantial and feels so soft while giving you support. The moisture transport system is so effective and just doesn't fail. The stretch construction of the fabric enables the legging to maintain its shape well and yet it gives you solid mobility. These leggings fit me perfectly. The sizing is very accurate of the size. I've shied away from ordering leggings with a high waistband. I was afraid they wouldn't look good on me. Perish the thought... they look great. I've changed my mind and now I love the high waistband and I love these leggings. The mesh lining works well for ventilation around the hi-waistband. Then for fun there's a envelope storage pocket around the back of the leggings. The luminous print adds sizzle and pop to these leggings. The vibe is attractive and gives these leggings great character and style. Put it all together and you have amazing and fun leggings.


I got these a few days ago and am in love! The fit is perfect, the illumination aspect is awesome. I've never received so many compliments on a pair of leggings before. I worn these to Orangetheory a few times and a barre class. These are the BEST! I am 130ish, 5'4'' and the small is perfect.

Awesome Leggings!

I got these a couple months ago and I love these leggings! I wear them at least once a week, and I've read the other comments about them not glowing, but I've never had a problem with mine glowing. I accidentally wore them to the movies once and they were glowing for the entire hour and a half I was in the theater. The only physical exercise I've done with these is yoga (I'm not a fan of intense cardio workouts in UA's studio material) and they worked great. They never fell down at the waist and they aren't see through so no one will see your underwear! Overall I am extremely pleased with these leggings and am thinking about buying another pair!

They may not glow but these are CUTE pants!

I love the fabric and the style/design. I receive compliments every time I wear them. I bought in more colors because I loved them so much! They are warm, comfortable and great for performance and they look great!

Not like advertised!!

This product looks awesome online and in the videos I saw of people in spin studios. However, it does NOT glow like it shows...it only glows after you shine a bright light on it, and even after that the glow lasts <5minutes. Totally disappointing! You might as well buy regular pants. I bought them for a spin studio I work at that is in the dark & under black lights. Super bummed, I am returning.

No glow. :(

I bought these pants because I teach spin in a studio with black lights...I was so bummed that they didn't glow like the picture. You could hardly see the lines in the pants, certainly nothing like the picture indicates. They fit great and dried super fast, but they did not glow as advertised. Bummed.


These pants do NOT glow in the dark. Basically they are just a pair of expensive black leggings with glue on them. If you are looking for a fun pair of pants to rock in spin class, these are not it. The only good thing about these pants are that they fit well and suck everything in. As for the glow part ..... nothing!