Lentes de Sol UA Battlewrap

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Lentes de Sol UA Battlewrap
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Lentes de Sol UA Battlewrap


We beefed up the temple area on these so they block more light coming in from the side. That means you can look around quickly, no worries.
  • La tecnología de los cristales ArmourSight® ofrece hasta un 20 % más de visión periférica sin distorsiones y es hasta 10 veces más resistente que los cristales comunes de policarbonato
  • Los marcos ArmourFusion® ultraligeros están diseñados con una combinación de titanio y Grilamid para ofrecer resistencia y flexibilidad superiores
  • Cumple y supera los estándares de seguridad de la norma ANSI Z87.1
  • Almohadilla ajustable para la nariz
  • Todos los lentes de rendimiento Under Armour® bloquean el 100 % de los rayos UVA, UVB y UVC
  • Ajuste: Grande
  • Cristales: 66 mm
  • Puente: 15 mm
  • Patillas: 120 mm
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Resumen De Opinión

8 Evaluaciones

My most favorite glasses. Poor durability though

Very comfortable they fit amazingly. For that I will not recommend any other glasses. For my work I have to have safety glasses. They meet all the safety standards. But the durability is very poor. The rubber that goes across the forehead and the rubber that goes against your nose. Come apart very easily. I've owned 4 repair in the last 2 years . two of them within the first 2 weeks fell apart. And the other two took about six months.. the paint on the arms and on the bottom of the sunglasses that touch your face comes off after a while. They are horrible holding up against sweat. The sweat destroys the glasses. I wish you can do something about the pants and i wish you could do something about the adhesive that hold the Plastics rubbers on. If those two things were fixed I would be the happiest person in the world. I've never ever buy another competitors safety sunglasses again.

Top notch

Second pair of UA sunglasses. By far best pair of sunglasses I've owned to date! Clear, comfortable, and highly effective!

Excellent fit.

I drive long haul truck here in New Zealand. These glasses are great. They are comfortable and are great for driving as well as for a casual look. They are very light weight, so after a long day in the truck, they are just as comfortable at the end of day.

The products Lenses are phenomenal,But...

The style is great, the lenses are great. But after a couple hours of wearing them they start to give me a headache due to how tight they squeeze on your temples.

Good performance, poor durability.

Bought the Battlewrap in green and they are very comfortable. Battlewrap are rated as eye protection for professional use and gun range use. After two years of wearing these sunglasses I noticed the green paint wearing off the inside of the arms where the arms touch against the side of my head in front of my ears. The plastic underneath was gray. Mostly wore my Battlewrap for driving my own vehicle and occasional use for outdoor activities. I was very disappointed to notice the green paint wearing off and because the lenses had been slightly scratched enough to be distracting when worn I decided to throw them in trash instead of replacing the lenses. When the sunglasses and lenses got really dirty and sweaty I found it easier to wash them with handsoap under a faucet with warm water. Unfortunately the nose piece is rubber pushed on over a metal nose bridge piece. When washing the sunglasses under the faucet the rubber nose piece has to be removed so water doesn't get inside. My newest pair of sunglasses are Ironman that are made of matte black plastic without a paint finish that can wear off and they have a solid molded nose piece that can't collect water when washed. Bought them at my local Target store.

Best Protection I’ve Had

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] From comfort to performance these sunglasses are what I’ve been looking for. It feels like I was measured for a perfect fit and at work I’m able to do my job more efficiently. These BATTELWRAPS can do much more and I will be buying another pair to match my other uniform. Thanks Under Armour

The military colors offered in the Battlewrap style look sharp.

These are great sunglasses and I have all three of the available colors. I would love to be able to buy these in a coyote brown color too.

Very Nice

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Love these glasses.i use them for umpiring baseball. Especially when i am behind the dish. When i gets around twilight. They brings out the brightness. You can see the all the field . Nice Baby!