Mat Yoga UA Training

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    • Color: Black (001)
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UA Training Mat

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  • Mat doble cara con un lado texturado y un lado más suave
  • El lado texturado presenta una impresión grabada que aumenta el agarre, convirtiéndolo en ideal para practicar yoga
  • Diseño grueso de 3 mm
  • Tamaño: 60 cm x 170 cm
  • Imported
1 Evaluaciones

Love this yoga mat!

I recently have been doing what I like to call "sunset yoga" on the balcony of my apartment, but the yoga mat I had before was too thin for the concrete base of the balcony. I could feel the concrete under my feet and it made for a very uncomfortable yoga practice, so I switched to this UA yoga mat and I'm in love! It's a little thicker, but not too thick. I love the sleek black color with the UA symbol discreetly positioned on the mat, it's perfect for what I need it for. Now I can go back to enjoying my sunset yoga practices on my FL balcony and enjoy those beautiful FL sunsets!