Parka ColdGear® Reactor para hombre

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Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Loose
    • Color: Blue (907)
    • Talla: Mediano
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Loose
Chaqueta ColdGear® Reactor para hombre

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ColdGear® Reactor es aislación verdaderamente inteligente. Es más cálido cuando estás menos activo pero más fresco cuando estás en movimiento.
  • Loose: Corte completo para una comodidad total
  • Se guarda fácilmente dentro del bolsillo delantero
  • La tecnología UA Storm repele el agua sin perder capacidad de transpirabilidad
  • El tejido y el diseño resistente al viento te protegen contra el clima
  • El aislamiento inteligente ColdGear® Reactor se adapta a cualquier actividad brindando una comodidad sin límites y una versatilidad total
  • El exclusivo cierre MagZip™ de UA abrocha y mantiene para un cierre fácil y sin problemas
  • Bolsillos para manos seguros
  • Dobladillo ajustable
  • Poliéster
  • Importado

Tecnología Destacada

Esto es lo que hace que nuestros productos sean más fuertes e inteligentes que cualquier otro.


Esta es la capa en la que todo atleta confía cuando el termómetro baja. ColdGear® elimina la necesidad de usar equipos pesados y voluminosos durante el clima frío.

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Great Jacket--Lightweight but plenty warm

So far this has been a great jacket. The fit is perfect for the size that I ordered. Surprisingly warm considering the light weight and low bulk. As with any clothing item, it withstands the treatment you dole out accordingly--gorilla like treatment will probably not bode well. That being said, If you are looking for a great warm daily casual jacket, this is the one (and it sheds light rain nicely also!).

Adquirí un muy buen producto, color intenso de muy buen gusto, resistente a la nieve y agua y confortable al frío intenso... EXCELENTE!!

Confortable al frío, cierre moderno y más efectivo, resistente a la nieve y agua, color impecable


La chaqueta es muy liviana y abrigadora, si me quedo un poco grande y debería contar con algún ajuste en los puños.

Superb lightweight warm jacket

I am 5' 9-12" and weigh 176 pounds, and this jacket in a medium size fits perfectly. I can get a sweater or sweatshirt or even a light fleece jacket on under it without feeling squeezed, yet its fit and look are fine with just a shirt underneath. The jacket is very light, yet amazingly warm. I found it comfortable in wind-chills below freezing and on days with temperatures pushing 60 degrees. I must have a new version of the zipper, which, on my jacket, has a unique magnetic gizmo for connecting left and right portions and it is very simple to start and use with no binding on the fabric. I also like the deep stealth-gray color very much.

Had high hopes for this Jacket, but didn't last a season

Like other reviewers, the pocket zipper issue is my main beaf with the jacket, its warm, fits properly.. But from the get go the zippers would catch on the jacket material, and now less then 3 months after buying in, the material that the jacket was caching on is torn, just from zipping/unzipping the jacket. Haven't been disappointed with any of my other UA orders, but this jacket just doesn't seem up to par quality wise compared to my other items.

Great jacket!

I live in the SW suburbs of Chicago and was looking for a jacket that could handle windy, rainy 30 -50 degree weather.....I found it! Got it a couple of weeks ago and put it to an initial dog walk test that afternoon....27 degrees with 20mph winds so wind chill of 17. Wore a long sleeve t-shirt underneath it and was warm and cozy on the 1/2 hour walk. Part of the walk was out in the open and never once felt the wind penetrate this jacket! Worn it a lot since in warmer weather....mid 30's to mid 40's. Couple of night ago it was 36, windy and a steady rain coming down....20 minute was and no water penetrated the jacket....beaded up on the outside instead. I never thought such a lite weight, comfortable jacket could provide so much protection from what a Chicago winter can dish out! I highly recommend this jacket!

Nice style, poor quality

After purchasing this jacket and having it for around a month, I have already seen multiple issues with it. The primary one being the side pocket zippers already starting to fail and being difficult to open and close. The secondary one being the collar gets stained very easily from my hair/neck. I purchased the red version and this is quite noticeable despite the fact I do not have this issue with other jackets that I own and do not use any hair products to bring this on. It also shows similar stains very easily on this color even from the slightest activity such as trying to clean the snow off my car. If you run against anything that is slightly unclean it shows. Too bad, I like the style a lot but really regret my color choice making everything so noticeable.

Pacemaker warning

If you have a pacemaker you can't wear this jacket. The zipper has magnets that could affect your pacemaker. It comes with a warning label and I researched pacemakers/magnets online. One site said not to have magnets within six inches of your device which is where the top zipper magnet will be. The Under Armour online people advised I should send it back to be safe. Great jacket, looks good, fits well, warm, sad I have to return it.

Bad Zipper

Overall, the jacket is lightweight, comfortable and warm. I live in Chicago, and this time of year wind is fierce. I must say the jacket held up nicely until the zipper malfunctioned. Weaving the base of the zipper into a magnet type thing to join the zipper on its track is a bit much, and I believe the use associated with that caused part of the construction to fail. Now I'm unable to zip it up at all. What's worse, I received the jacket as a gift for Xmas and the giver no longer has the receipt. The jacket is pretty much useless now.

Looks great, but WAY small

I have multiple UA hoodies and jackets in 3X and was very excited for this, however it is unbelievably small for the size. As in I can't even zipper it. Surprising cause others said the fit was loose so maybe a one off production error, but bigger guys be warned.....