Polera UA Threadborne para Hombre

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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Loose
Polera UA Threadborne para Hombre

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Utilizando nuevas técnicas de manufactura, la tela Threadborne está construida para eliminar distracciones. Fue diseñado para mantener la distancia ideal entre la tela y el atleta, para que no se adhiera cuando está mojado y se seque increíblemente rápido.
  • Loose: Corte completo para una comodidad total
  • El tejido Threadborne Tee proporciona mayor elasticidad y recuperación, una sensación ultrasuave y mayor transpirabilidad
  • El Sistema de Distribución de Humedad absorbe el sudor y se seca rápidamente
  • La tecnología antiolor evita la proliferación de bacterias que provocan mal olor
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78 Evaluaciones

My everyday shirt

Fits so smooth and comfortable, I've got this shirt in 4 of 5 colors now and no longer wear my UA tech tees. This is my everyday shirt for home, the gym, out and about, and basically anything.

Very Itchy Fabric

Been a major consumer of UA for years and am usually quite happy with their products but a recent purchase of a Threadborne shirt ended in disappointment. I loved the color of the shirt and the fit wasn't bad but something about the fabric made it feel like I was wearing an itchy wool t-shirt. I washed it twice but it still itched like crazy. Maybe it was the stitching as others suggested IDK but I could not live with it and will be returning it. I'm hoping I don't experience the same thing in future purchases from UA. Will not be buying any more threadborne garments.

Worth The Extra Money

Have been wearing UA workout wear for around two years now. I was reluctant to spend the extra money for the Threadborne shirts. After buying three of them I have decided that this style will be all that I purchase. The fabric will cause friction rash when it is wet, this material doesn't have that problem. There is nothing worse than having logged ten miles and still a mile from home with fabric rash that hurts.

It's not that bad after all

After reading some of the reviews I chose to give it a shot since it's still a best seller anyway so I went ahead to buy two. To my surprise it does feel good, the quality of the t-shirt and it fits good on me. Maybe different build people different preferences and views, to me it didn't feel as bad as some reviews although I haven't wash them yet since I just received them today. Some tees I own from under armour have fuss balls as well so I think they should fix their tees besides this. My only problem is that the sleeves feels slightly longer so I may have to roll them up even though thats gonna feel weird.

Threadborne is the material that UA should give up or improve as soon as possible.

Fuzz balls are appearing all over this t-shirt after washing for five times. I'm 100% satisfied with my dozens of Tech and Locker t-shirts. I don't know why UA chose this fabric after testing.

not even true to size neither fitting

makes u look like wearing box. waist, length, and arm length.... i don't get how they can fail 'simple poly t-shirt'

Issues - Threadborne

I have purchased many UA products and been very pleased with them all EXCEPT the Threadborne t-shirts. While the material is very soft, this particular t-shirt does not breathe as well as the original line of UA Tech t-shirts. Also, after 1 month of wear tiny fuzz balls are appearing around the neck. I have over a dozen of the UA Tech t-shirts, many over a year old, and they continue to hold up and perform very well. I recommend sticking with what works! The UA Tech.

Great material, horrible stiching

I own a ton of the UA Tech t-shirts so I figured I'd grab a few of these new Threadborne T's because of all the hype (and the fact that the standard UA tech are becoming unobtanium). I purchased 5 of them. Worst mistake ever. The material is amazing. I love it. It's very comfortable and soft. It has more of a comfy t-shirt look to it, and less of a "gym-bro" look. But... The stitching is awful. Why on earth would anyone at UA think this would be a good idea? You had a perfect pattern with the UA Tech shirt. The seams made the shoulders fall perfectly. There was no rubbing. There was no uncomfortable seam in a bad spot. They fit beautifully. I wore one of these t-shirts on a morning bike commute, which requires me to carry a small backpack with my uniform in it. With the placement of the seam being in the world's worst spot, rubbed my skin raw because of the straps. I tried wearing one to the gym, and the entire time I was being annoyed by the shoulder seams. Please take this material and combine it with the UA Tech pattern. You'd have the perfect shirt.


I really like the new colors, but this particular shirt runs an inch LONGER in the LENGTH AND SLEEVES than the UA Tech I use for training. I guess they think that people are wearing t-shirts tucked in now?? Well, not me. I'm going to return. >> I wish UA would put the center back length and sleeve length on their shirts, because they seem to be all over the place. It would save on returns as well. Seems that all of their college UA Tech shirts are the same way - longer in the sleeve and length.

Worst fabric in my wardrobe

Definitely the worst fabric in my wardrobe. It stinks within one hour of wearing after a shower, even without any physical activity. Have decided to never buy UA again.