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UA Band

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Tu UA Band mide el sueño, el ritmo cardiaco en reposo, los pasos e incluso la intensidad del entrenamiento cuando se utiliza junto con el UA Heart Rate. Póntela TODO EL TIEMPO.
  • La pantalla puede permanecer encendida durante los entrenamientos sin necesidad de pulsar ningún botón.
  • Resistente al agua para que la lleves siempre puesta. UA Band puede usarse en la ducha, pero no debe sumergirse en el agua.
  • Conexión Bluetooth Smart y sincronización de datos con UA Record™.
  • Consigue 3 meses de suscripción GRATIS a MyFitnessPal Premium y MapMyFitness MVP con la compra de UA Band.
107 Evaluaciones

Clasp and Band are Poor Quality

I have had the product for under 6 months and am having troubles with the clasp staying closed. Along with that, the band actually wore away and tore off of the clasp. I have done nothing to it but typical wear and tear of fitness training. I was shooting a basketball around by myself and on the way up for a shot, the band ripped off of my wrist. I am unable to fix it. I have also had problems with the touch screen working during workouts. I have been unable to stop tracking a workout until hours after I have finished. All-in-all, I have been very disappointed with this product.

Poor built. Sorry, normally an Under Armour fan but this is not Brand Quality.

Normally I give high praises for UA products on my Facebook page or other venues, but this one. I needed to come here and indicate that I was really satisfied with the band. Within less than a year the band's lights are already out, I can only see the time but not the notification on the left or the or "arrow/play/pause" on the right hand side as they have completely phased out in the past three months. Heart rate is not that great, I went from 170 bpm to 30 bpm in less than a minute while sitting down and not having done anything. So sensor is also going unless I just had a heart attack and never even felt it. The sleep monitor also is going nuts lately. Also, the image of the product on the site are a bit deceptive. While the luminosity of the watch is good inside, it's never been as clear has they show you if you are outside. It's hard to read if the sun is out because of the "rubbery" protective surface they have on. The only true positives are that if this was high quality, then the watch is a comfortable thing to have on even when sleeping, and that it clips on rather easily. Sorry UA, for once I would not recommend the product.

Great product, one flaw however...

First let me say I love my Band, I wear it every day, only removing it to charge and avoid submerging it in water (shower/do the dishes/swim). I've been using a Band for a little over a year now - and my current one is the second different one I've had. My first one was replaced about 6-7 months ago because the red interior cracked and started falling apart, and this morning I noticed that the same thing is now happening with this one. I would gladly give this product 5/5 if it had a higher quality/ more durable band interior.

amazing product

works really well, tracks my sleep, activity and heart rate fairly accurately. when i play sports i don't wear the band, but the under armour record app makes it easy to log my practices. it does come off rather easy and can be uncomfortable when bending the wrist. i haven't worn in the shower or near any water but it withstands splashes of water.

Replacement Band

I have had my band for about 6 months now and the eyelet got caught on the edge of the table the other night and broke. The other band (small) that came with the fitness band is just too small for my wrist. Just wondering if someone has found where to get these bands or someone from the makers can tell me. I love the band and all the things it can do and would give it a 5 out of 5 but if you can't buy replacement parts it would have to be 3 out of 5. Customer service is everything.

Some thing about the band

I am a UA fans form Taiwan, about six month ago, I bought my UA BAND, In the first time when I use it, It was fun and helpful, The UA BAND can show up my LINE message Twitter message Facebook message Telephone calls..... But some day after upgrade, Those message never show up, Only the SMS and telephone calls can show up, After hunder times setting change, I give up. And this is not the end yet. When I use this BAND form the start, The battery never get trough more then 5 days. I have to charge in 3 or 3.5 days. In this month. It become worst. I have to charge it everyday... This product is not cheap. But it's can't not survive over then six month,I feel so disappointed.

Excellent Wearable Tech

In combination with the UA fitness apps, this has been a great entry/access point for someone looking to get back into shape and hold themselves accountable

Great product

I have read most of the reviews on this product and while I can agree with a few of the comments, I feel most are picky. I have had the band now for three months and love it. Lightweight, easy to use and I find the battery life good. Wasn't active enough before getting the band but it helps with my motivation. All products will improve with each iteration but as a first swing, this one is great.

Band don't last

I've had my band for a while now. At first I was really impressed with it now I'm disappointed. The screen is messing up. Where it shows the battery display it only shows part of the battery. The battery would stay charged for 5 or 6 days and now it's about 3 days max. It's taking the band longer to charge. The clasp for the band also tears up quickly making it easy for the band to fall off.

Good product, could be better

I've had my UA Band for about a month now. The comfort is fantastic. I'm not use to sleeping with a watch on, but had no issues wearing this when I go to bed. Most of the time I forget I'm wearing it, just because it is so comfortable. The durability has been great so far. No issues, like the other posters with the clasp. Battery life is still about 4 days; but charging only takes about half an hour or so. So I charge it when I'm getting ready for work in the morning, or at dinner time. I've worn it when I'm doing yard work, carrying heavy stones for the garden I'm currently building. Worn it playing road hockey with my kids. Never had an issue with it falling off or getting damaged. Lots of opportunities for improvement. Since UA also owns Myfitnesspal, it would be nice to see how much of a caloric deficit I am in on my watch. It tells me fine how many calories I have burned in a day, but I would like to be able to see instantly on my watch if I'm in a deficit or not. I know the calorie counter resets, but honestly I don't know when. I'm assuming when I'm asleep, but I'm not sure. The charging cord has to be longer. Right now I can only charge it on my laptop because if I plug it into a USB outlet in my wall the watch won't stay connected to the cord as it dangles in mid air. Obviously some kind of waterproof band would be nice. I quite enjoy swimming, and would like to be able to wear it in the pool to get a more accurate calorie burn. Heart rate seems to be accurate. I checked it against my girlfriend who is a nurse, and the band and my gf both got similar numbers on the heart rate. Step counting I believe is accurate. But honestly haven't gone to too much trouble yet to see how accurate it is. As of right now you can only control your music with it if you are an apple music subscriber. I would like to see an update that allows me to control the music on my iPhone.