UA Original Series Boxerjock® de 15 cm para hombre - Paquete de 2

Estilo # 1282508
Altura: Talla: Ajuste: Fitted
    • Color: Gray (092)
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Altura: Size: Ajuste: Fitted
UA Original Series Boxerjock® de 15 cm para hombre - Paquete de 2

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Ask any guy who‘s tried them—nothing beats UA Underwear. They stretch, recover, stay put, wick sweat, and keep you cool.
  • Fitted: Pegado a la piel, pero sin apretar
  • Tejido ligero y suave HeatGear® para un rendimiento superior.
  • El tejido elástico multidireccional permite una mayor movilidad en cualquier dirección.
  • El tejido absorbe el sudor y se seca rápidamente.
  • La tecnología antiolor evita la proliferación de bacterias que provocan mal olor.
  • Pretina reforzada.
  • Bragueta abierta.
  • 2 calzoncillos por paquete.
  • Entrepierna: 15 cm
  • 133 g Poliéster/Elastano
  • Importado

Tecnología Destacada

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La innovación original que nuestro fundador soñó mientras sudaba bajo el sol del verano. Esta tela súper transpirable que absorbe el sudor y regula la temperatura de tu cuerpo para que te sientas más fresco, más seco y más ligero que nunca.

26 Evaluaciones

Dealing with tags...

Love these boxerjocks! The tags are bit of a hassle, BUT I found that tearing off the large tag first (not cutting) works best. There will be a small strip of tag left which can then be removed by hand (or teeth!)

Great Product, but....

I've ordered the Original 6” Boxerjocks many time over the years because they really are the best underwear that I have ever worn! However, the last order that I got had HUGE tags on the inside that I promptly cut off, but the remaining part (right up next to the sewn seam) is a constant irritation while wearing them. The tags are mostly useless anyway. Basically, they tell you where the product is made, the type of fabric, and to wash with like colors, but these three items are literally written in 23 different languages. Seriously, get rid of the tags!!!

Great fit, but the tags are my undoing.

Love these boxers, but imagine my disappointment when, while cutting the obnoxious tags off, I nicked the material and put a small cut in them before even wearing them...and I was careful, so I thought. Please print the size on the inside. This definitely put a damper on my thrill at receiving them:( So bummed.

Great shorts

After you remove the tags on these there two huge tags they are pretty good under shorts. None compares to my original series shorts I ordered years ago and still wear. They run a little larg on the waistband but that's better than to small in my opinion.

Great, But What's Up With The Awful Tags?

I ordered these for my teenage son, and everything about them is great except for the tags. I read all the reviews complaining about tags, and almost passed as a result, then thought "surely UA has fixed this by now". NOPE! Two tags on each pair; one a mile long. Seriously, UA? Your competitors went tagless over a decade ago. Time to join them in the 21st century. Tags are annoying, they itch, they look cheap, they run the risk of ripping the seam when you rip them off, and I would think the material makes them more expensive to manufacture. Start listening to your customers! Quality-wise and look-wise, my son is happy.

Great Boxerjocks!!

My man loves these boxerjocks, they fit him great do not ride up or slip down on him and keep him from chafing during the hot weather months.

Price seems scary, but the comfort and lasting quality has surpassed anything I've ever worn.

Underwear seemed to be a bi-weekly purchase. Once I purchased a pair of the original under armour boxerjocks I was sold. The comfort alone was absolutely fantastic. I couldn't believe it. But what really sells them for me has been their durability. Most pairs of underwear seems to last very little amount of time, but because of their stretch and quality I have had these pairs last me longer than any I've ever had. Yes the price is initially hard to swallow, it took a lot for me to bite the bullet.. but I have never regretted my purchase. Only wish I bought sooner. I'd like to note my pair did not come with the sewn tags that some people are mentioning. But I purchased mine almost a year ago.. they may have changed to sewn on since I purchased.

This product has performed well the first day, more to follow, I am hoping!

I normally don't write reviews about underwear, but I have to say that UA did good with these. Out of all the types of underwear I have tried, most if not all lose the tightness around the leg after a full morning of sports (basketball, elliptical and stationary biking) or just wear in general through the day. These still have the tightness around the leg area. I have yet to see how long they last from whatever the day throws at them LOL, but seriously so far so good. The price I can't complain with also, for 2 pairs. I have yet to see how they hold up with being washed and dried.

Best Underwear I've ever owned

These are amazing. I initially ordered 2 pair to test them out. I've since ordered 10 pair and will order more very soon. The tags are easy to tear out without damaging the fabric. I can't say enough good things about these!

Very comfortable and don't bunch up

I have tried several brands of boxer-briefs over the past couple years. I was trying to find something that didn't have the uncomfortable seams that irritate my skin along with something lightweight. These UA boxer-briefs are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. They are worth the little extra money for the quality and comfort. Skip the traditional cotton multipacks from other brands and go with UA. I bought the XXL since other brands XL don't seem to fit right. These are actually a little big so they don't see to run small like the shorts or shirts from UA sometimes do. Order the size you would expect to fit and they should.