Zapatilla UA SpeedForm® Sprint Pro

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Zapatilla UA SpeedForm® Sprint Pro

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Ideal para correr sprints de 100 m a 400 m.
  • Chasis de piel sintética ligera que fija el pie para un despegue explosivo.
  • Suave costura fija ultrasónica con cinta de marca Bemis para un soporte y comodidad al contacto.
  • El contrafuerte sin costuras con agarre de silicona brinda un ajuste anatómico fijo.
  • Perforaciones grabadas con láser en la lengüeta que proporcionan una ventilación máxima y permiten el paso de la transpiración.
  • Talonera de TPU externa para un soporte fijo.
  • Placa de Pebax® que es ultraligera, para esos arranques explosivos.
  • Construcción con 8 clavos para pista diseñada para mantenerse sobre las puntas y alcanzar velocidades altas
  • Peso: 195 g
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8 Evaluaciones

Amazing Spikes...but

These spikes are hands down the best I have ever worn. They were definitely worth the money. The only downside to them is the fact that they are impossible to keep clean. After one slightly rainy meet (My first time ever wearing them), my spikes were looking pretty rough. The dirt is almost impossible to remove. This added with Long jumping into a pit does not make for a clean looking shoe. Overall, however, these spikes are great and I have had no problems with them chipping or not accepting spikes.


Love the spikes, very comfortable and very responsive. However shortly after using it there is already been a sizable chip. I know there is wear and tear but this was only the second time. When i took them off i noticed it and it had me very confused since i had not used it on any surface besides track.

These Spikes Aren't Worth the Money

I have only run in these spikes a hand full of time and they may look cool but they don't preform well. After only using them in two track meets I found that the spikes on the base plate began to chip and break. Also many of the screws are hard to replace after the studs have dulled. I would recommend buying a cheaper spike that will preform just as well as the SpeedForms but for a fraction of the price.

All Around Spike

The Speedform spike is a great solid shoe. Traction is awesome with no slippage or movement. Aggressive and light enough for a sprinter but comfortable enough for a mid distance runner. This shoe would be next to great if the " Charged" technology was placed for extra performance.

Great track shoe

This track shoe is a solid shoe. It's has many all great things like super light m weight, great responsive, no slipping at all, and lastly amazing and I would go as far as saying best heel cup no slipping at all tight with comfort one to one feeling as well a tight secure feeling.

The shoe does what it needs to do.

Over the track season the shoes have held together well, with no signs of serious damage. The traction of the shoe is great, never slides, or slips. Overall the best pair of track spikes I have ever owned.


the threading in one of the spike slots seems to be stripped. I bought a different pack of spikes and it is just the shoe that was messed up... the shoe looks amazing though only if I could get some use out of it.....

So far, so good

I haven't had a chance to properly race in these spikes, but so far I really like them. They are lighter than I expected and the upper reminds me of the speedform apollos. They fit snugly but still comfortably, there was a little bit of room between my toes and the front of the shoe. Keep in mind, I ordered a half size down. Overall, I think that these are a great pair of spikes and I highly recommend them.