Zapatillas de Basketball UA Curry 4 para Hombre

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Más tracción, más comodidad, más control. Presentamos el nuevo Curry 4, diseñado para el mejor del partido.
  • La cubierta interna crea un ajuste estructural alrededor del tobillo y el antepié para una sensación de rendimiento amplificada
  • El panel de punto sintético de microfibra está unido al material de punto, lo que proporciona el equilibrio ideal de soporte con un peso reducido
  • La cinta de costura dinámica combina la manga de punto y el panel sintético de cuarto sin agregar puntadas
  • Placa de velocidad para la estructura de debajo del pie y la contención del rendimiento construida para manejar movimientos explosivos
  • Compuesto de espuma patentado para una mejor respuesta debajo del pie
  • El patrón de tracción centrado en la cruz está diseñado para optimizar la tracción del pie al talón y proporcionar un agarre increíble en cualquier cancha
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Me gusta mucho su modelo desempeño muy buen agarré pero su amortiguación a mi gusto muy dura

Espere que este modelo fuera con una amortiguación blanda al caer pero es muy dura comparadas con unas zapatillas LeBron x en comparación las LeBron le ganan en amortiguación pero en sujeción al pie son algo parecidas. El modelo curry me gusta mucho pero me encantaría que pusieran una mayor amortiguación.

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Excelentes zapatillas muy cómodas

Muy buen calzado, la forma ergonomica del tobillo excelente su protección, muy buena amortiguación, componentes suaves.

Great shoe

Amazing shoe. I put them on and knew that they were meant for me. I did notice discomfort during the break in period in the tops of my feet. The laces were cutting into the top of the arch of my foot, but all discomfort is gone now. The shoes aren’t as durable as I would hope; I got them on Christmas and 2 months later the upper and the midsole are starting to seperate. I play ball a lot so I guess it could be because of that. All that said I love the shoe. Traction is amazing. Best shoe I’ve ever had.

Me encantó

A mi hijo le encantó es bonito el modelo, mut cómodode buen material. .


My son gets a new pair of Curry's every year for basketball. We bought the "More Dimes" pair as an early Christmas present. He loved them but by mid January the sole was coming apart from the shoe. The shoe lace eye broke apart. We are avid under armour buyers, but very disappointed in the quality of the shoes and would not recommend buying them.

Muy buenas zapatillas

Muy buenas zapatillas, cuesta un poco ponerselas pero eso es porque tiene buen agarre del tobillo. Excelentes zañatillss

The best shoe/wide foot bball shoe ever.

Preface: I don't ever write reviews because I like to get paid for work. I play lots of pick up games at the Y. My true size 14 triple E. This is the most comfortable Curry shoe yet and they did not sacrifice performance. I am 6'5" 320 lbs, I am rough on shoes and I can tell after 3 games weather a shoe is a bust for me or not. I've played 2 weeks worth of games and these shoes have it all. Usually I can't wait to get shoes off my feet after I ball, nope. I wear the 4's home, then cook up some protein (Chef Curry) then get in the shower (Wet Curry) then Netflix in my bathrobe (Chill Curry). I might start sleeping in these. These shoes make me want to be a Shoetuber. These shoes are magic. This guy Curry got together with Merlin, Dumbledore, and the Wizard of OZ to make these shoes. These will go down as the best Curry in history guaranteed. Will probably buy every pair I possibly can before they stop making them. Okay I'mma chill. Nope. My broseph Jerome be ballin too. Hes a little guy. 5 nothing, 100 and nothing. Average foot size. HE SAYS they fit him perfectly, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Magic. Illuminaughty confirmed. UA and Curry came up with something man. GET EVERY PAIR.

Good, run true to size

I really like the curry 4 it is step up from the curry 3. The one thing that was the most noticeable to me was the cushion, or the lack of it. I wish it would have the Micro-G tech, but i put some insoles in them. The traction is on point. I would not have wanted them to use a herringbone again! I like the suede upper on the more dimes, and i like the knit material on the collar area. The only thing i wish i would have done was to get the right size. In the curry 3 i was a 9.5, and i fit perfectly in them when i got the 4s. But when i tried the 4s on in a 9.5, it was VERY tight. I decided to go with 10, but still felt tight, so i went with 10.5, and it fit perfect. the only problem now, is that the front knit folds over when i tie it tight. So lesson being to go true to size, even if it felt small, because i had to break it in someway or another. Thats what i think anyway.

Love the shoe not the quality

Good hoop shoe but only had for about 1 1/2 mints and the front toe area is separating from the midsole...also the back heel is separating from the bottom. Although I loved the look quality is horrible

Super light for basketball players

I was hesitant at first after reading some reviews on this site about fitment, but I ended up getting them for myself and my 11year old son. He complained at first about being tight on top where the laces are and I felt the same at first but after we switched to thinner socks they became perfect even after couple of weeks of using them and playing b-ball. Can’t wait until they release some of the colors in size 14. I just wish they had Curry’s signature message “ I can do all things” on the shoe for every color. I recommend them to any b-ball players. They are light and keep your ankles snug when you shoot, run, defend or take off. Now my other son wants them but we will wait until the yellow color comes out.