Zapatillas de basketball UA Curry 5 para hombre

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Zapatillas de basketball UA Curry 5 para hombre
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Zapatillas de basketball UA Curry 5 para hombre


La última actualización de la exclusiva línea de zapatillas de Stephen Curry está completa oficialmente. La zapatilla Curry 5, que está programada para resistir la máxima imprevisibilidad y que cuenta con ligereza y ajuste preciso, se desarrolló para ayudar a Stephen a optimizar su rendimiento en la cancha.
  • Ligereza para lograr velocidad y agilidad óptimas
  • Confección completamente tejida y cordones de precisión para lograr una sensación y un ajuste precisos en todos los ángulos
  • Diseño con zonas de contención con Anafoam™ en los costados de la parte delantera del pie y alrededor del talón para asegurar el pie
  • Entresuela de amortiguación de espuma EVA para brindar una mejor capacidad de respuesta debajo de los pies
  • Sistema de agarre en toda la cancha para realizar paradas súbitas y cambios de dirección rápidos sobre cualquier superficie
  • Peso: 334,5 g.


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Resumen De Opinión

37 Evaluaciones

My foot arch

I'm not sure why but something in the inside of the right shoe is rubbing up against my foot. I have had a little bit of skin torn off of my foot and playing in the shoe hurts now. I don't know why it was just the right shoe either. Also, a friend of mine who has the curry 5 as well does not experience these problems. This leaves me to wonder if my pair was just defective or something along those lines.

Comfortable shoe, but falls apart

I got these shoes about 2 months ago, and have only used them a Handful of times, and the shoes falling apart.

Best Basketball shoes ever

Wow, these are amazing and they honestly are the best basketball shoes I've worn. That is saying a lot especially since I've had 5 models of the Under Armour Curry 3, I model of the Curry 3Zero, and 1 model of the Curry 3 low and they all performed amazing. I got the Moroccan blue/white pair for my school B.B. team and they perform over the top. YOU MUST GET THESE SHOES!!!!!!!


Most comfortable curry yet! Great traction! I bought 3 pair already


I bought these for my son for this years school basketball season. They did not last four weeks of practice. The season hasn't even started yet and the sole is separating in two places.


Great shoe, very comfortable but it’s much tighter than I expected.

Don't Believe The Negative

I had heard about all the negatives surrounding the shoe before I bought it. And after wearing them and playing in them I can say most if not all claims are false. The shoe is very well built and has a clean design. When you buy the shoe get .5 size higher and it will fit perfectly. After they get worn in they feel sturdy and comfortable. People are full of it when they say they get blisters from wearing it. I had absolutely no pain in that area wearing the shoe and I have no idea how people get blisters from these shoes. Overall the shoe has a great design and has way too much negativity surrounding it.

How can I clean them?

Love these shoes and want to keep them looking as fresh as possible. How can I clean these awesome shoes without damaging the fabric or material.

big blisters

I wore these for two hours of playing and one time I had thin socks and one time I had thick socks but both time I have gotten blisters the size of my thumb and they have ripped off four layers of skin

Runs very loose on my heel and my toes! Barely any comfort

I went to the UA store to try the shoe out. I chose my shoe size, but the heel seems to constantly come out of my shoe every time I raise my leg both in a walking and in a running position. The 'inner' front part of the shoe has extra shoe, which doesn't give my toe any position to get grip on the shoe. I even tried tying the shoe as tight as possible, but it was useless. I had very bad experience with trying out this shoe. Apparently, the UA Curry 3 seems to be having even more cushion and support under my leg. The price is completely NOT worth the quality.