Zapatillas de básquetbol UA Jet para hombre

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Zapatillas de básquetbol UA Jet para hombre
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  • Parte superior de cuero y tela moldeada y perforada para ofrecer mayor transpirabilidad y soporte
  • Revestimiento de TPU duradero resistente a la abrasión que ayuda a mantener la forma
  • Talonera interna para brindar soporte y ajuste firmes
  • Confección de cubrecalzado interno para brindar un ajuste seguro y cómodo
  • La plantilla de goma EVA troquelada proporciona amortiguación y soporte debajo del pie
  • La entresuela de goma EVA moldeada por compresión permite una pisada ligera y eficaz
  • La estructura interna de la parte media del pie proporciona soporte adicional para evitar que el pie se gire
  • La suela de goma cuenta con un patrón de tracción único que permite realizar movimientos laterales y brinda el máximo agarre
  • Peso: 312 g
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3 Stars

I've been wearing these for outside basketball. Traction is an 8 out of 10. Comfort is okay, though it's hard to tie the shoe tight without hurting my foot. As a serious high school basketball player i would never use these for games or anything.

Stylish and comfortable

These are my first casual high tops. I typically only buy them for playing basketball. But given the work environment accepts them at some companies, I thought I'd give it a shot. Comfort is amazing - far better than wingtips!

Nice sneakers

Found to be on the narrow side. Not for a wide foot. But, they fit me nicely.

Great value

I love the price, the fit, the comfort and most of all the style. A great pair of sneakers overall.

Nice shoes

The shoes are a great addition to my work-out gear.


Great shoe with terrible cushion, I jump a lot during basketball games and my second time playing in them I injured my heel after jumping and landing normally. Bruised my heel and could not put weight on it for weeks. Other than the cushioning they are comfortable and support the ankles well. however I'm afraid to play in them. You can really feel the floor with every step.

Sore balls of the foot

My 6th grade son has played a few practices and a game. His feet hurt in these shoes on the ball of the foot. He thought he had to break them in but no the pain is very sore. There is no padding in the shoe especially at the ball of the shoe. This has taught my son who hates to shop to purchase shoes more carefully next time. This is the last pair of Under Armour for this house!

A head turner, Nice shoes for Bball

Bought these in electric blue for my 10 y/o son in size 8. Became worried about how flat they looked at the front toe area and tried them on myself (I'm 9-9.5 womens) and they fit perfectly. The toes do not pinch at that area of the shoe is roomy width wise. The laces can go all the way up to above the ankle area and that was a bit uncomfortable so my son leaves out the top lace hole and it gives good ankle support. Overall, the shoe seems quite sturdy but cant say much about how it stands up to wear and tear...its only been 2 months but so far its holding up very well.

Pressure on toes

There's too much material pressing pressure around the top part of the toes. There's no toe room above the toes. Looking at the shoes from the side there's a acute angle that squishes the toes. Hurts to walk in.

Muy buenas

Muy buenas zapatillas, son muy bonitas y extremadamente cómodas. Creo que nunca había estado tan contento al comprar unas zapatillas, muy conforme.