Zapatillas de entrenamiento UA Limitless 3.0 para hombre

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Zapatillas de entrenamiento UA Limitless 3.0 para hombre
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Zapatillas de entrenamiento UA Limitless 3.0 para hombre


  • Empeine cerrado con malla ligera y transpirable para proporcionar soporte y flexibilidad.
  • El refuerzo exterior del talón aporta estructura y plataforma baja de sujeción.
  • Capa de TPU sobre la puntera para ofrecer durabilidad y resistencia a la abrasión.
  • La plantilla recortada completa de EVA se adapta al pie, eliminando el deslizamiento y proporcionando una comodidad ideal en la parte inferior del pie.
  • La media suela de EVA proporciona una amortiguación excelente y una respuesta impecable.
  • La "zona de vacío" única sobre el arco del pie permite movimientos naturales y un mayor rendimiento.
  • Ranuras flexibles en la suela para un agarre y una tracción multisuperficies.
  • Compensación: 10 mm
  • Peso: 289 g
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Resumen De Opinión

8 Evaluaciones

Like what others have said

I LOVED the Limitless 2.0 and was hoping for something very similar. I was a little disappointed bc they are not all that similar. Not that the 3.0 is not a great shoe - it is. It just suffers in a comfort comparison from the 2.0 IMO. The 2.0 was one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes that I have owned. I live in the 2 pairs that I have. I have tried to get more pairs of the 2.0 but they were sold out in my size. The 3.0 looks great and feels pretty good. I really like the look / design. But like what others have said, they run a little snug. Maybe go up 1/2 a size. Great workout shoe or everyday shoe (I coach everyday, so I wear them all day and a lot). And HEY, UA, if you wanna bring back the 2.0 in size 12, I will buy 10 of them!!

Decent but not Limitless 2

Was looking for another pair of everyday gym shoes and guess the search will continue. My personal opinion is this shoe is not an improvement on the Limitless 2. Satisfied with the style but not the comfort. They feel a bit narrow as well.

Great shoes for training and running.

Under Armour continues to deliver durable and comfortable shoes. I love the look and performance. Good value!

Use shoes for training.

I find these shoes to be comfortable. They're a little stiff in the back, making it kind of hard to put on. I don't find that the stiffness is a problem with rubbing on the back of your ankle unless you're really extending your foot, which doesn't happen unless you're doing some kind of ankle mobility. You can also fix this by wearing longer socks. They're flat making them a good training shoe for weightlifting. For that reason, I wouldn't run long distances in them because there isn't a ton of support that you would need for running. They fit nicely around my foot, making them comfortable for everyday wear as well. They seem to be well made (I've had them for over 5 months), with very little wear over this time, and they're made with quality material. I wear a size 10 and ordered a size 10. No problems with size at all.


I loved the old limitless 2. Though I found this shoe to be great looking I found the Band where the first two loops start to be tight and restrictive particularly when I put in my custom made orthodics. The older version did not have this problem. I was a little disappointed with the fit however the look was awesome.

color off

I loved the fit of these shoes, unfortunately they are not the color in the picture. The yellow/gold in the photo is a neon yellow on the actual shoe. Was unhappy with that so I sent them back.

Great comfort, Great looks

This trainer is very comfortable. It hugs the foot nicely and has a nice soft insole. I find it nice and light and also very stylish. A good shoe for overall performance, comfort and looks.

Too narrow

The shoe looks amazing and has a lot of cushion. The only downside for me is that it runs a little too narrow