Zapatillas de running UA HOVR Phantom para hombre

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    • Color: White (108)
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Point blank: you've never felt a shoe like this before. It’s literally like wrapping your foot in a pillow—but one that’s so super-light that you forget it’s there. It’s comfort that comes from the anatomically designed, molded interior, the super-plush knit collar, and the layers of plush material that envelop your foot. Simply put, the second you step into the UA HOVR™ Phantom, you'll know why we call it a whole new running experience.
  • EDICIÓN SIN CONEXIÓN: Este calzado no está equipado con Record Sensor™ de UA y no se sincronizará con tu teléfono.
  • La tecnología UA HOVR™ proporciona una “sensación de ingravidez” para permitir la recuperación de energía, lo que ayuda a reducir el impacto paso a paso
  • La malla de compresión Energy Web contiene y moldea la espuma UA HOVR™ para devolverte la energía que liberas
  • NEUTRO: Para aquellos corredores que necesitan un equilibrio entre flexibilidad y amortiguación
  • Empeine tejido suave se seca rápidamente y proporciona un ajuste transpirable similar a la compresión, que brinda una fuerza direccional ligera y una comodidad sin igual
  • El panel moldeado en 3D en la zona media del pie con perforaciones realizadas con láser brinda mayor ventilación
  • El cuello tejido en el tobillo proporciona un ajuste ceñido, semejante a un cubrecalzado
  • La talonera exterior crea lo último en soporte estable
  • La plantilla SpeedForm® 2.0 sumamente transpirable está integrada en el calzado con contornos específicos según el género para brindar mayor protección y un soporte más suave debajo del pie
  • La suela de goma completa cuenta con una textura nudosa única que brinda gran tracción y durabilidad
  • Compensación: 8 mm
  • Peso: 300 g
  • Importado



FEELS LIKE ZERO GRAVITY La malla de compresión Energy Web contiene y moldea la espuma UA HOVR® para devolverte la energía que liberas.
STEP-IN COMFORT La plantilla removible es suave y ofrece mayor comodidad y amortiguación que se adapta a tu pie.
Malla de compresión Energy Web que contiene espuma UA HOVR® moldeada para devolver la energía utilizada.
Inspirada en los protectores para sillín de ciclismo, la exclusiva parte superior SpeedForm® 2 te ofrece máxima transpirabilidad y comodidad durante la carrera.
La tecnología UA HOVR® proporciona una increíble sensación de CERO GRAVEDAD que preserva el retorno de energía y elimina el impacto en cada carrera.

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Not what I expected.

I’ve been in the market for some new running shoes. I came across an advertisement for these and decided to give them a try because the reviews made them sound amazing, and because I own lots of UA sports clothing that I love, so I trust the brand. That being said, I think I bought into the hype a bit to much for these shoes. The shoes are classified as running shoes, and while you can run in them, you’ll regret doing so after a few miles. The mesh and cushion tech that is used to give them their springy feeling does not breath at all, nor does any of the material on the top of the shoe, which is surprising because the things feel like they are made out of clouds! They get very hot, very uncomfortable, and they cause blisters if you do any kind of long distance running and training. I even tried using them with special tech socks I have that prevent blisters... the material still gets incredibly hot and uncomfortable. Mine also felt unbalanced during my first run in them. One side was more springy than the other side for some reason, which threw my rythem off a bit. One other complaint I have is that the opening of the shoe is sock like, and it grips your ankles. While they feel very secure, they continuously rub your ankles until they create raws on your skin... even with decent socks on. While on the subject of socks, you will also need to wear larger than average running socks... or your ankles will really get rubbed by the opening of the shoes. I have a feeling that these would make great every day walking shoes, but they are most definitely not sport or running shoes. I’m not sure what to do with them now!

Glad I got them

These shoes are very comfortable and easy on my knees.

Great shoe

Best shoes I've ever worn as far as comfort and fit. No more problems with knee pain.

These are socks not shoes

Once you get them on they are extremely comfortable. The issue is getting them on, they are like socks with running shoes attached to them. They in no way just slip on they need to be held open and manipulated not to fold over while putting your foot in them. They are like walking on a cloud though and I hope the more I wear them the wider the opening will get to them.

Very well designed

Very well designed comfortable and really good performance

Amazing shoe

Top performer, I have knee issues and this cushion keeps me comfortable the whole day. I have 3 pairs.

Close to perfection

I require max cushion and comfort for my feet. I never imagined that UA would be the company that got it right for me. My feet aren’t as tired after a run and my back feels good. Really good running shoe. I have 2 pair [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Fits on the small side

I have really enjoyed this shoe. I actually bought another pair because they are so comfortable. I would recommend this shoe but it does fit on the small side. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great Shoes

These are awesome running shoes and are really comfortable. Love them! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great look and feel

I love my new HOVR Phantom. They look really nice and different from a lot of runners out there. I was only able to get the navy blue, really wanted the lighter blue or red. The comfort level is really high. They are worth the price! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]