Zapatillas de Training UA Micro G® Limitless 2 para Hombre

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  • La media funda de ajuste y compresión envuelve tu pie en una capa ceñida de soporte.
  • Con revestimiento sintético en la parte lateral para una protección ligera y piel en el lateral medio para mayor durabilidad
  • Puntera de cuero
  • Espuma Micro G® a lo largo del pie convierte los aterrizajes acolchados en despegues explosivos
  • Mayor amortiguación en el talón y ranuras colocadas estratégicamente en la parte delantera del pie para trabajar en conjunto con tu paso natural
  • SUELA:
  • La tracción estratégicamente localizada cubre las zonas de alto impacto para una mayor durabilidad pero menor peso
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11 Evaluaciones

Excellent Training Shoe!

I absolutely love this shoe for weight training! The feel is snug but not too tight. It feels like you are wearing one solid piece and I like that! If I knew I was going to like this shoe as much as I do, I would have bought a few more pair and kept them in reserve! Please, please, please DO NOT change a thing about this shoe!

Great workout shoes

I'm in sports all my life and this is by far best workout shoe ,ever!

Great gym shoe, maybe not running shoe

I bought 2 of these for working out. They are super comfortable very light and supportive and I will definitely order more for gym work. I wear them for all my cardio work such as elliptical, treadmill (not running) and weight lifting and they perform very well. The flip side as a 6'1" 232lb guy I tried running in them and no dice. I create a lot of impact at my size and need something much more firm and cushioning if that makes sense. If you're a pounder of the pavement probably not the way to go. If you're built like the average runner they would be fine. As far as size I had never worn a UA shoe so I took my metric measurements off my Birkenstocks and ordered the appropriate size and they were perfect.

Amazing training shoe!

This is by far one of the best training shoes I have used. Very good quality and comfortable. Kudos!

I love these shoes!!!

The fit, comfort and styling are great! I highly recommend them! Another great shoe by Ander Armour. I did go a 1/2 a size up and fits perfect.

Perfect Fit

This shoe fits perfectly and feels super soft inside. Definitely better than man other brands out there. Best for casual/ work walking or running. Best light weight shoes I can say.

Excellent shoe for high intensity cardio

Got these for the sole purpose of high intensity cardio workouts and they did not disappoint. Only minor comment is they run a bit small. Normally take a 10.5, went to an 11 in these. Fit perfect.

Great sneaker

They fit a little snug in the width but once i broke them in they were fine. Very light weight shoe. I really like the look of them. I purchased a blue and gray pair.

Feels Cheap

Pulling the shoe out of the box, it felt cheaply made. Began to lace the shoe up when I noticed the flimsy top loop wasn't connected to the shoe. It sticks out about a half inch from the body of the shoe. It felt very flimsy and cheap once I put it on a tied the shoe.

Versatile training shoe geared for running and lifting weights

I've been working out for over 30 years and for the past 10 years I only wore lightweight trail running shoes for the support for lifting weights. The only problem is these types of shoes felt a little 'heavy' and aren't really made for the gym. The technology that has gone into 'training' shoes has really improved in the last few years. There is so many different brands and styles to choose from. I accidentally tried UA Micro G Limitless 2 after trying the Nike Metcon and Reebok Nano. I need a shoe with a wider toe box but also fits a low narrow ankle. I was also looking for a shoe specifically for lifting weights/bodybuilding and occasionally cardio sessions (primarily treadmill and elliptical). I found the Nike Metcon a bit too narrow for my feet and I felt the Reebok Nano didn't fit my foot too well in the ankle. The UA Micro G was a perfect fit for my feet. It almost feels like a sock wrapping around my foot with a solid sole. The uppers wrapped around the upper sides of my foot and it felt like I didn't even need to tighten the laces to get the shoe to fit properly. I found the collar of the shoe also wrapped around my ankle really well without being too snug. My heel didn't lift out from the shoe when I running or performing calf raises. I found the sole really lightweight, yet flexible with excellent floor grip. I found there was no 'break-in' period for these shoes at all. The first time I wore them at the gym my feet felt like they were firmly planted on the ground, yet I felt a lightness to my feet with full flexibility available. Maybe it was all in my head, but I actually felt that my workout benefited from wearing these shoes. Many of the exercises I normally did in my older trail running shoes felt 'heavier', yet with these shoes I really did feel more agile. I normally wear a Size 11 in all my shoes. I tried a Size 11 in these shoes in a retail store and they did fit fairly well. Due to the way these shoes fit my feet I decided to try going up half a size to 11.5, but I had to order through UA as they didn't have my size in the store. Up-sizing to a size 11.5 only added an extra 0.5 cm to the overall length of the shoe, but I found it made a big difference in having that little extra bit of room at the front of my shoe when bending my foot. It was a perfect fit! I thought that the price point for these types of shoes is affordable and the free shipping through UA was also a bonus that helped me make the decision to try them. The shoes are still new and I hope they will be durable and last me for many workouts. I'm really happy with these shoes and look forward to many more workouts with them.