Zapatillas para Correr UA SpeedForm® Gemini 2 para Mujer

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Zapatillas para Correr UA SpeedForm® Gemini 2 para Mujer
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  • La innovadora tecnología UA SpeedForm® evita que te distraigas mientras corres
  • Las costuras suaves, soldadas y ultrasónicas con cinta Bemis proporcionan soporte y comodidad en contacto con la piel
  • La parte superior perforada con sello ultrasónico brinda una transpirabilidad duradera
  • El protector de dedos moldeada brinda un mayor soporte y durabilidad
  • La plantilla integrada dentro de la cavidad de la entresuela proporciona amortiguación adicional, absorción del sudor y comodidad sin costuras
  • La tecnología ArchForm ofrece soporte adicional y plantillas suaves de amortiguación en el arco y el talón para tener mejor ajuste y sensación
  • La entresuela de doble capa combina Charged Cushioning sobre la espuma Micro G® para proporcionar la mejor mezcla entre soporte acolchado y respuesta explosiva
  • La suela de goma soplada con talón de goma de carbono es ligera pero increíblemente duradera
  • Las ranuras flexibles ubicadas anatómicamente permiten una transición óptima entre el talón y los dedos para brindar una pisada más suave
  • Compensación: 8 mm
  • Peso: 255 g
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Tecnología Destacada

Esto es lo que hace que nuestros productos sean más fuertes e inteligentes que cualquier otro.


Apenas sientas el Charged Cushioning debajo de tus pies, vas a querer correr. Es el último avance en energía, absorbiendo el impacto de tu pisada y convirtiéndolo en un nivel de confort receptivo que nunca antes has sentido.


Más ligera y más delgada que las espumas tradicionales, la amortiguación UA Micro G ofrece un mejor rendimiento ultra-receptivo, con la estabilidad natural y confort.


Acabamos con las reglas de calzado para crear el primer zapato construido en una fábrica de sujetadores. El revolucionario moldeado de taloneras sin costuras ofrece confort y rendimiento incomparable gracias a un ajuste de precisión sin precedentes.

Resumen De Opinión

38 Evaluaciones

Love these

I am a first time UA shoe buyer. I absolutely love these shoes. The quality is 100%. The quality of comfort and wear is 100%. After buying these shoes I have purchased 10 more pairs for myself and 6 pairs for my grandchildren. I will be a FOREVER customer.

These rock!

Sooo... let me start off by saying if you're looking for a highly detailed review by a super duper serious runner... skip this one! I'm a busy mom of three who works 10 hour shifts as respiratory therapist where I'm not only "running" around chasing my tail; I'm also doing a lot of standing when I'm not running around! My day starts at 0530 in the morning when I throw on my scrubs and these sneakers, and keeps on going and going until about 6:30 in the evening when I finally get the chance to change (after the commute home, sending the sitter home, helping with homework, and feeding everyone!). And these bad boys can hang! I'm normally a 6.5 so that's exactly what I ordered and they feel like a dream. I honestly ordered these because of their colors (as most of my scrubs are black, pink, and turquoise). The fact that they are so comfortable is an added bonus! Waaay better than my Air Max's and my Zoom's. They're light as a feather and standing, walking, or even sprinting are more fun when I'm rocking these bad boys! My coworkers were so jealous that a couple of them ordered the same ones! The only weird thing about them is the "tongue" of the shoe. For me, it's no biggie; but I know my one coworker sent hers back because she didn't like how attached it was to the shoe. Again for me... I barely noticed it until she pointed it out. Happy shopping! I'm trying to talk myself out of buying a backup pair just because of how pricey they are! Lol

Extreme Comfort. Yay!

I own 4 pairs of these: 3 gray and 1 of the aqua/black color. I have had severe foot problems and these shoes have helped considerably. The gray go with everything. I receive complements on them too. I wear them all day long--every day. I have recommended them to many people. They are nice and wide for comfort and breathable and look great. My next pair will be the black ones. I always thought it was corny to say 'I love my shoes'--but I must say I love THESE shoes.

Small for me

I've never owned a pair of under armour shoes and I decided to get 2 pair of shoes. I needed new shoes for workouts. When I purchased these I ordered the true to size. I normally go walking and wanted to start running so I downloaded the app mapmyrun. These shoes are not RE. I'm not disappointed in that because I still wear them to walk. I really like the design, but really dislike how they are cut so small. Even when I walk my toes are completely at the very top with no space. They are comfortable in other areas, but it saddens me that I have to give these away bc they don't fit me properly. This doesn't mean I won't order another pair of Gemini speedforms. Just mean I'll order a bigger size after I give these away.

Favorite shoes!

These are the most lightweight & comfortable running shoes I've ever had (and I've had a lot!). Would definitely buy again!

Embarrassed to Walk

I had bought Nike's my entire life and finally decided to give Under Armour a try. While my Nike Shox last for years, I've had these for barely over 6 months and already have to look for new shoes. An air pocket popped and they squeak every time I walk. I loved them when I bought them because they are so much lighter than Shox and I felt like I was walking on air; but now I just feel like I'm walking on a chew toy. I'm so disappointment in the quality of these shoes for the price I paid.

Comfy Shoes!

I bought these to wear to the gym. I've never owned any UA prior. Usually wear a 10 in athletic shoes. The fact that UA could help me predict what size I'd need (based on other sizes/brands I own) was very helpful. I ordered a 10.5 in this shoe and I love it. Very comfortable out of the box! I've never owned a shoe with the low back of the ankle feature it has. I love it. Never digs in or causes blisters. When I need a new pair of shoes I won't hesitate to try another from UA.


I have been trying to search for a pair of shoes I can go all day in with comfort, that has style, and will last long. I ordered my very first pair of these shoes right before Christmas and I FELL IN LOVE with them. They r so light weight, I feel like I'm running/walking on air! I went a half size up to 8 from other reviews and it for perfect. I ABSOLUTELY am a new customer for LIFE. Now This is my go to brand! I've also bought my husband, son, and daughter gear from UA and everything fits well, its made with great material, and yes it has a great style with comfort that's rare to find in active wear. I've finally found active gear that is worth paying for. Thank you so much for thinking of having products that have nice style, great comfort, and that lasts a long time!! I LOVE UA! Customer for life!

Lightweight and Comfortable... UA has a new customer!

First time UA shoe purchase... and a great purchase! I am 5'8 and 175 lbs - mostly cycle but just started casually running. The Women's UA SpeedForm® Gemini 2 Running Shoes are soo comfortable, lightweight and offer good support for what I need. Also great for casual/sport wear. After reading reviews and suggestions of avid runners, I felt it was a safe bet to go up a half size - and they fit perfectly. I am normally an 8.5 and the size 9 fit perfectly! Very happy first time customer... I will be back!

Love these shoes.

I was unbelievably excited when I saw that UA had made a pair of women's royal blue running shoes - one of the only things missing from my UA wardrobe. I immediately ordered a pair and was really hoping I'd like them, as I've worn another brand of running shoes exclusively for the past few years, and I was very happy with how good they felt. I got an 8.5 (I'm an 8 with normal shoes, but the rule of thumb with running shoes is to go up a half size), and they fit perfect, good room in the toes. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked the shoes right away, they feel very nice and have good support. The royal blue colour is also lovely, vibrant and beautiful. The only drawback of these shoes is that the traction isn't very good on wet pavement - my runs are mainly all on dirt trails in a local park, where the shoes get good traction, but I have to be careful on the short stretch of road back to my house when it's raining (and it often is raining where I live). Not a huge problem, but I can feel myself slipping a little sometimes so I have to be cautious. But overall these shoes are great, comfortable, flashy, and provide a nice ride.