Zapatillas UA Verge Low GTX

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Zapatillas UA Verge Low GTX
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Zapatillas UA Verge Low GTX

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  • Las membranas GORE-TEX® que permiten la transpiración es 100% a prueba de agua pero permite que el sudor escape, para mantenerte seco
  • Chasis de malla que permite la transpiración con revestimientos para el soporte soldados
  • Cuello moldeado anatómicamente para un soporte cómodo
  • Suela de doble densidad EVA con incrustaciones de UA Charged Cushioning en la parte delantera del pie y el talón
  • Chasis de estabilidad Anafoam te proporciona un ajuste moldeado a tu pie, una estructura y soporte
  • Placa rígida de ESS y cambrellón de TPU para protección, estabilidad y un soporte asombroso
  • Suela Michelin® con caucho con compuesto Wild Gripper para tener una tracción excelente en diferentes terrenos
  • Peso: 362 gr. (12.7 oz.)Sintético/TextilImportado

Tecnología Destacada

Esto es lo que hace que nuestros productos sean más fuertes e inteligentes que cualquier otro.


AllSeasonGear® está hecho con tejidos radicales que se adaptan a condiciones climáticas cambiantes. Está diseñado con nuestro sistema de transporte de humedad para ofrecer regulación de temperatura del núcleo y máxima transpirabilidad.


Apenas sientas el Charged Cushioning debajo de tus pies, vas a querer correr. Es el último avance en energía, absorbiendo el impacto de tu pisada y convirtiéndolo en un nivel de confort receptivo que nunca antes has sentido.

26 Evaluaciones

Awesome Show, Horible Durability

I actually really love these shoes.. I love them so alot.. Except they have one HUGE problem. They break down so fast. Within my first month of owning these shoes, the front sides started to rub into each other, creating holes along the sides. Other commenters have pointed on the same issue :/ Good-bye Goretex waterproof when you have 1 inch holes along the sides of your shoes. The quality just isn't there... and I really wish it was, because these could have been great shoes! Super bummed and disappointed, as I have a shoe full of tread with 1" holes along the side.

Breathable for sure!

Let me just start off saying this is/was my first UA shoe experience. Purchased mant kid sneaks and love how they hold up, thought if I spent a tad bit more for a adul shoe the results would be great. The Verge is an extremely comfortable trail runner, there is no doubt about it. These shoes claims to be "Lightweight breathable mesh upper with supportive welded overlays". In my case very true, just check out the attached pics. Had these guys about 2 months (at the time of the pics) when the welds starting letting go. I was taking regular walks / jogs with the pouch, not aggressive at all, so I am very disappointed in the durability. Wish they were the "perfect combination of comfortable durability". I still ware these guys everyday. Soles were great even in winter conditions of the NH.

Great shoe!

Working as a marine tech, I need a shoe that breathes, keeps my feet dry and can withstand being in my feet all day and doing a lot of walking on various terrains (in any weather). These shoes fit the bill perfectly! If they're still around, I'll be getting another pair real soon.

Awesome Shoe

Found these while looking at opposing brands (Merrill, Salomon), and absolutely love them. Great product with awesome waterproof capabilites.

An AMAZING shoe!

I found this shoe by mistake while making purchases for another shoe and product. I cannot say enough about this shoe. I love trail shoes and was a former Nike trail loyal person until I purchased this shoe. I will not shed the Nike Trail shoe and make another purchase of this Under Armour GTX trail shoe. I hope they will continue to produce this shoe for years to come as to me, it's their hidden gem that hasn't seen much coverage in advertisement but definitely a real 5-Star find in my book! Thank UA for this amazing shoe!


These shoes fit rather narrow and the tongue and top dig into my feet. My other shoes are Merrell and Keen size 13's which are borderline too big. The sole on the left shoe squeaks like a dollar store dog toy. Poorly designed and poorly made imho.

Awesome!! Dirt caked on just falls off

These are my favorite shoes right now. The only reason I don't own more is that the color scheme on them are not good. I bought the Blue Knight when they first came out and have had plenty of people comment on them. Unfortunately UA doesn't sell them anymore. Please work on the colors, UA. These are excellent shoes!

Oouuuch!!! Either defective or extremely uncomfortable

They are painful to wear due to the goretex liner folds and seams pressing into my feet. I will be returning them. Also the lace eyelets are bulky where they are sewn in to the shoes, also causing discomfort.

Excellent Trail and Winter runner

I bought these in the fall of 2016 as my new shoe for trail races and also for winter running, I have to say the performed superbly for both uses. My last race of the season was a half marathon wet trail race and they really got put through the paces! Wet grass, mud, hard single track, loose packed and gravel, the traction was excellent throughout and they kept my feet mostly dry (cant do anything about water wicking down socks). No question they preformed superbly! I also bought them to be my winter runner for 16/17 as last season's shoe was worn out. They have been very good so far. I have been very impressed and surprised with their ice traction, they are better than any other shoe or boot I have, it must be the Michelin outsole that is giving it that superb grip. They are good in light snow as well however I have used diamond ice grippers with them when the snow is slick.Into -15c temps my feet have kept warm as well. There are only two issues I have with them; 1) the popping sound in my left shoe (as others have noted), my guess is that it's the gore-tex bootie inside, I am hoping it goes away but hasn't so far, it is irritating. 2) They are a slightly odd shape, in that they are narrow but long, I went with my usual size even though it recommended half a size smaller, with my wide feet, it was the right choice. Over all, great "offroad" and winter shoe, I hope that when I retire them in 6mo to a year that they have changed the fit and gotten rid of that irritating popping noise.

Great shoe

Purchased these for fall and winter weather. Have worn in both rain and snow with great results. Traction is good and the gortex outer keeps the foot warm and dry. Popping sound that others have mentioned previously hasn't been an issue for me. Aesthetically these shoes are great as I've had many compliments. UA has done a great job with these and now I'm hoping they make the same shoe without the gortex for wearing in warmer weather.